Stone bridge (Khezri Dashtbayaz, South Khorasan)

Honestly, I knew what I was looking for, but did not realize how massive and impressive. Even in all the trekking route that Paul was before my eyes, I did not realize this greatness. Only when I realized that I was behind the mountains and plains watching scenic bridge.

Surrounding view of the stone bridge
Around the stone bridge

We are talking about the Khezri stone bridge in the Bayaz plain, a natural attraction that is said to have been caused by an earthquake.. Khezri Dasht-e Bayaz is one of the functions of Ghaenat city in South Khorasan and the famous stone bridge of this region is located about twelve kilometers northwest of this city and two kilometers northeast of Saghori village..

In the distance, if you look closely, you will find the bridge

To reach this natural bridge – Of course, the word bridge does not mean that it is passable- You have to get to the city of Khezri, Dasht-e Bayad, and from there take the path of Thaghouri village. From this point, you have to get help from the locals to show you the mountainous route of the bridge.. From there you have to continue walking. Depending on your speed and strength, you can walk between forty-five minutes and an hour and a half. The ascent is almost clear and you have to climb carefully.

Towards Khezri Dasht Bayaz
خوش آمدید
Thaghori village
Thaghori village
Thaghori village
Thaghori village
Thaghori village
Thaghori village
The end of the road was not right, after a few turns we got off, a stone bridge at the end of the picture
Sahand, the youngest visitor to the bridge
On a rainy day, we climbed the mountain to the foot of the bridge
We were waiting for the rainbow
View of the plain facing the stone bridge
Not so suitable mountain road, stone bridge

It is said that this bridge is part of the roof of Pars Cave, which collapsed after the earthquake in 1347, and the remains of the cave roof, which had the shape of a dome, created this phenomenon.. During this trip, we did not have the opportunity to explore more about Gharpars and enter it. But the remains of the cave are still there and there were some entrances that I do not know exactly which is the main entrance..

View under the bridge
I guess this is the remaining entrance to Pars Cave.
No Description
Stone bridge
Hand to the rock to reach the top of the bridge
The effect of the stone bridge surface
Do not forget caution
The surface of the bridge is uneven and slippery
And all…

It is possible to go to the stone bridge, but it is strongly recommended that you do not take the risk of going to the bridge and just take photos early in the bridge..

To get acquainted with the access route to the Khezri stone bridge in Bayaz or Saghori plain, GPS file in Donate Placed.

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