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Amazing Khorenj Hill(Piranshahr, West Azerbaijan Province)

Special geological phenomena are a potential for tourism, and blessed are those who take this opportunity to promote tourism in their area.. Khoranj is also one of those places that should be seen and thoughtfully seen. The rocks that are scattered on a large hill and Mother Nature has shaped them so much by wind and water erosion that it can keep anyone busy for hours.. The first phenomenon in this...


Rvstagrdy and road tours in Maku(West Azerbaijan)

Maku city and its streets and buildings on the one hand, villages and countryside around the hasp on the other side talk and many attractions are in place. Rural Tourism is an opportunity to identify local community and ecotourism. Limited opportunities focused on all your senses to absorb from the environment to the maximum benefit from this surf break.


Wandering in Maku(West Azerbaijan)

Iran map likened to a cat one of the best roles in my mind was a child and a trip to the cat's ears are always among the most enduring journey for me. But this cat unfailing ear and the left ear is where two sheets of Iranian history and culture of its own detailed. Highs in the left ear border “Maku” That shines and the West is Iran's gateway.


Lake Dalampr or Mam Sheikh (Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan Province)

Even assuming that in the heat of June Plates go where the snow have flowers and green plants have, the lakes have air refreshing have, could manhole crazy after all these plus sky with Abrash and color his blue lamb's heart is in Dalampr(dAlAmper) Found. You Dvtyd to see and read reports of dreams. I hope with this illustrated report, first in the imaginary world and then in the real world, this is the way...


Concordant with Ares(Azarbaijan)

Aras river originates from the mountains of Turkey, more than 1,000 km along the border with Iran over and twist your eats up its Caspian Sea…The screw twists the Aras River which borders Iran after the 1813 Treaty of Turkmenchay brought the cat ears. Over the miles of beautiful natural landscapes with historical background is very important that each one in its place. سفری در کنار ارس که از شهر اصلاندوز در نزدیکی دشت مغان آغاز شد و با گذشتن از کنار سد خداآفرین، عاشقلو، کُردشت، نوردوز و سیه رود به جلفا رسید و در ادامه هم نوا با ارس و گذشتن از کنار کلیساهای تاریخی،سد ارس و city ​​demands to the last point in northwestern Iran(The highest latitude Iran) Soraya Fountain ended the nearby mountains of Ararat.


Churches North West of Iran(Azarbaijan)

Iran map likened to a cat sitting, one of the most beautiful analogies that I have in mind, ears and even for this lovely cat in the course of history between Russia, Turkey and Iran has been achieved, and while this tradeoff and sometimes bloody history and culture exchange has occurred, the churches of the North west of the cultural exchanges that have reached the 2008 world record…

Demon Prison(Solomon) Unique geological attractions near being involved in the. 2

Dave prison, Solomon(Takab, West Azerbaijan Province)

حسی مرموز، چیزی شبیه ترس کنجکاوی تمام وجودم را گرفته بود، در گزارش هایی که قبل از سفر خوانده بودم همگی اشاره کرده بودند که برای درک ابهت زندان دیو باید به آنجا سفر کرد و از نزدیک دید، سخت ترین کار دنیا به تصویر کشیدن شکوه زندان سلیمان است.

Solomon's throne was recorded in the fourth of UNESCO 10

Solomon's throne World Heritage Hub(Takab, West Azerbaijan Province)

Solomon's throne or temple Zrgshnsb (Azargoshnasb) One of the most important religious centers of the Zoroastrian Sassanian times been the symbol of authority in religious, political, social, and cultural life is. Solomon's throne geological proximity to attractions such as Lake Bed Solomon and Dave enjoyed traveling doubled the prison. Takht-e Soleyman, in 1382, was placed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.