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The Aligudarz to Khorramabad, travel Zagros(Lorestan)

Aligudarz no intention of crossing the road to Khorramabad route Scholl Abad and not the White Plains. The aim was around Khorramabad. But sometimes a picture or video manhole his face was nothing else other than he could not get div. The image of a nice waterfall in the name of Brnjh the next 24 hours saw ourselves in front of.


Tight Plowshares (Kuhdasht, Lorestan)

– Children four hours after Zohra, to what do you do? Until the end of the night we go camping or to the medieval-style bar and we go back? – Does not matter to me – Does not count, do we decide what is? – Bump into darkness? – So Vstash, a close bridge die and return to God. – حالا ببینیم چی میشه وسایل را از صندوق عقب ماشین بیرون می آورند و بی صدا در سکوتی پر از عجله کوله ها را مجهزبه...

Gohar Lake, Waterfront Ashtara 6

Gahar Lake (Dorud, Lorestan)

Ashtara lake lies in the lap of the province who is supposed to hit two centuries. Gohar Lake Road thanks to a policy of protecting the environment is still no way to see it is on foot…