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I miss the colors of the anvil(Bahmaei city, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer)

The last days Kohgiluyeh and Boyer Ahmad tropical trip and the West are DEHDASHT way and our way to Mumbai(Mombi) است، جاده های باریک و پر پیچ و تاب در این ناحیه زاگرسی را پیش میگیریم و آماده دیدار با دریاچه برم الوان و در انتها تنگ سندان در نزدیکی...


Scrolling piece of paradise, Dale has stepped Village Marin(Gachsaran, Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad)

Nowruz and the chirping of tropical nature and to feel all the beauty of this nature must go deep. Dale village to village Marin scrolling step on the road to the valley of the routes that the revolving nature to shake brings all…From the river and grass and oak trees and flowers to heights of glory on the slopes of the South Marin Khamyn.