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Step on the stilts to the lakes of Tar and Hoyer(Tehran)

This writing is about the mood of a summer day in Alborz mountain, next to one of its important and beautiful attractions, lakes at an altitude of 3000 meters, we went by bike to reach these beautiful destinations and it doubled the pleasure of the trip.. It was 9 o'clock in the morning of July 1400 in Hoyer village(Havir) We were looking for a suitable parking place when we happened to see our beloved fellow passenger in the village....


Harandeh to Khomedeh(Firoozkooh, Tehran)

Style navigation route along six kilometers Harandeh to Khomedeh that Nimrod is going on, in my opinion one of the most beautiful and most Four Seasons GOLGASHT paths Iran. Over the course of apples and other fruits gardens and Nimrod life. Nimrod goes to Hablehrood and go toward the Garmsar and the central desert.


Leaves waterfall world(Lavasanat, Tehran)

The last days of April there was still spring on the region not represented. Summer leaves rural world at 2000 m above sea level in the heart of the southern slopes of Alborz embedded Lavasanat the. Neighboring the capital and is easily reached in less than an hour to get here. Waterfall in the world leaves little distance from the village at the bottom of a river valley is full of water in early spring. To the extent that there might be trouble to get a little waterfall and had to be interrupted twice path. Luck was on our side and there was no need to touch the water. Slider tree trunks were placed before us, which launched

The valley between the village of Kalougaan to Amameh 3

Kalougaan valley navigation to Amameh(QasranRudbar, Tehran)

Alley gardens Kalougaan(Kalougaan) And the inanimate in midsummer as small river to Garden Village Amameh high, the valley is a pleasure to survey style along the revolving nature's gift. A valley at the foot of Mount "Vargin" that due to the proximity to the capital could be the destination for a day for Tehran.


Icefall Sangan(Tehran)

آبشار سنگان از آن دسته برنامه های چهار فصل است که همیشه جاذبه ای را برای مشتاقان خود دارد. از فصل بهار و شکوفه های گیلاس تا تابستان گرم و خنکای آبشار و از پاییز هزار رنگ تا زمستان سفید پوش. اما آبشار یخی سنگان در فصل زمستانی شهرت بیشتری را کسب کرده است. Create a breathtaking view of the high hill of ice under the snow all the way near Tehran waterfall and nature enthusiasts are attracted to the.

Cave 4

Cave Rudafshan (Tehran)

غار رود افشان از آثار طبیعی ملی ثبت شده ایران است که در مجاورت روستایی به همین نام درحدود ۴۵ کیلومتری فیروزکوه و در استان تهران در کنار رود دلیچای واقع است. Feature of the cave, large openings that are large in our country is the third cave.

Ahanag Lake 24

Ahanag Lake(Simindasht, Tehran)

Ahanag Lake(Ahanak) 5.5 km south of the village in plain silver or track Firoozkooh functions that are accessible via a dirt road. The two-hour hike up the steep route and passing through the wilderness to the tourists an opportunity to reflect on the nature of the.