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From Qazvin to Eshkorat and Rahimabad Rudsar(Qazvin province and Mazandaran province)

This article is the result of a two-day trip from Qazvin to Rahimabad Rudsar, during which we crossed the Alborz mountain range to get acquainted with the geography and culture of the people of the region as much as possible.. I have written before about the journeys that have crossed the Alborz...


Amlash of Qazvin, in the course of the Safavid(Qazvin and Gilan)

Tread the old path and relatively long for crossing the Alborz, one of the attractions of traveling in Iran. Climate Change and ethnicity, in particular along the path of the beauties of Qazvin is Amlash. This report is a summary of the four-day trip on the route, in late spring and an introduction to further visits and a better understanding of the Gilan.