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Qutrum, the valley of wonder(Bafgh, Yazd Province)

Three days off was an incentive to get to Bafgh, where I was always thirsty to visit. Our good fortune was that in late February, at the same time as the almond trees blossomed, the mood of the scenery from the grove to the almond grove was mixed.. We decided to move in the evening because the route from Tehran to Bafgh was a boring ride and it took a long time from a winter day.. Nearly half...


Golden sand(Saghand in Yazd province)

It can be one of the most beautiful golden sand of Iran's sabulous. Sabulous very long, especially in Yazd province when seen from a distance you imagine a mountain and climb it, you experience a Rygnvrdy.


Village Khranq(Ardakan, Yazd Province)

جایی کمتر شناخته شده در بین مسافران ایرانی که به لحاظ امکانات و جاذبه ها حتی می توان چند روز را در آنجا سپری کرد، روستای خرانق که مرکز بخشی به همین نام است، به راستی لذت و آرامش سفر را در اوایل زمستان به ما هدیه داد.