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The world of hidden waters(Ferdows and Gonabad, South Khorasan and Razavi provinces)

Under the pretext of visiting the two aqueducts registered in UNESCO in Khorasan, ie the aqueducts in Baghistan and Froos and the Qasbeh aqueduct in Gonabad, I tried to find out more by using well-known sources in this regard and to reflect this content in the blog..


Ghain, the land of saffron (southern Khorasan)

When it comes to traveling to Ghaen, saffron will be an integral part of this trip, but if you are in Ghaen during the harvest season of this red gold, the light will be in the light.. Ghaen is the capital of Ghainat city and the second largest city in South Khorasan province.


Patrol in Khosf(South Khorasan province)

South Khorasan province is one of the best provinces for travel and experience, despite its many attractions. Near Birjand, the capital of the province, the old city of Khosf is one of those places with a history that is recommended to visit before going to Birjand.. The following travelogue is the result of a short walk of several hours in Khosf.


Citadel Village (Among city, South Khorasan Province)

The most obvious and the most memorable places we visit South Khorasan rural mountain surrounded by gardens barberry and a castle on the highest point of the village, on arrival at the Citadel, a village haunted found this quiet strange to us that no Since we were a little worried about was the personal car.


Stone bridge (Khezri Dashtbayaz, South Khorasan)

Honestly, I knew what I was looking for, but did not realize how massive and impressive. Even in all the trekking route that Paul was before my eyes, I did not realize this greatness. Only when I realized that I was behind the mountains and plains watching scenic bridge. We are talking about the Khezri stone bridge in the Bayaz plain, a natural attraction that is said to have been caused by an earthquake.. Khezri Dasht-e Bayaz of Ghaenat city functions...

سد تاخیری عباسی ۳۲

Fee and hot springs village Murtaza Ali(Peaks, South Khorasan province)

دلها را باید آماده کرد برای دیدن اثری طبیعی و تاریخی در نزدیکی طبس، شهری که به خشکی و آب هوای کویری شهره است.کال سردره یا دره سر که بیشتر بخاطر چشمه آب گرم یا حمام مرتضی علی و اثر تاریخی طاق یا سد تاخیری عباسی مشهور near the village of fee (Kharv) Is…

Groves Naiband 2

از طبس تا نایبند(South Khorasan province)

گزارش سفر از طبس به نایبند، حاصل یک سفر یک روزه پاییزی است که با رها شدن در این سفر گویی در زمان سیال شده ای. از معماری روستاهای قدیمی تا زلزله سال ۱۳۵۷ و فرهنگ و زندگی در روستاهای کوچک طبس.

Tabas to Naiband little over 200 km in the direction of their villages to visit an unforgettable experience for you leaves


Call Jenny tops of the palm groves Azmighan(Peaks, South Khorasan province)

نام های خاص همیشه اشتیاق ویژه ای را برای دیدن آنجا به وجود می آورد. کال جنی یا دره جن ها، از آن دسته مکان هاست که همراه با نام خاص خود جاذبه ای کم نظیر را در نام خود جای داده است.