Author: Ehsan Mousavi


تپه باستانی نوشیجان(ملایر، استان همدان)

معبد نوشجان در نزدیکی ملایر به عنوان یکی از آثار باستانی مهم کشور مربوط به عهد مادهاست. این بنای خشتی زیبا به علت پر کردن آن با سنگ لاشه و .. در دوره هایی از آن، سالم مانده و برای هر بازدید کننده ای قابل لمس است. تابلوهای راهنمای اثر باستانی در گرداگرد اثر متناسب با هر بخش آن نصب شده است. تاریخچه نوشیجان به ۲۸۰۰ سال قبل بر می گردد.


Dome and salt mines of Garmsar(Semnan)

Salt and tourism hub of salt Iran Semnan province can be called. Dome and several salt mines in the province could be one of the most important phenomena geomorphological and geological attractions convert.


Woods and his goth Springs(Heather, Mazandaran)

Name all learned heather heather beautiful bridge, a masterpiece of railway throws on top of Mt.. But Warsak village in addition to the important railway attractions, natural attractions and tourism can be introduced as a stand-alone destination. There is a beautiful waterfall in the forest and eyes narrowed and his goth forest near the village and the peaks of the beautiful attractions that Heather has filled attractions.


Duplan(Ardal, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari)

Village Duplan(Dvplvn) Functions Ardal city in the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari is located in one of the beautiful Zagros. And the proximity of the intersection of the most important and high-Btryn Sabzkouh with Iran, the Karun River(Here to Beheshtabad known, little is known ahead of this goes to Armand) There is a beautiful Dvpvlvn. These waters come together at one point and go to Caron to build more high water.


Amlash of Qazvin, in the course of the Safavid(Qazvin and Gilan)

Tread the old path and relatively long for crossing the Alborz, one of the attractions of traveling in Iran. Climate Change and ethnicity, in particular along the path of the beauties of Qazvin is Amlash. This report is a summary of the four-day trip on the route, in late spring and an introduction to further visits and a better understanding of the Gilan.


Tar Valley(Zarghan, Fars province.)

Dim Valley in the north of the city and 30 kilometers northeast of Shiraz is Zarghan. This area is within the National Park Bamou to visit and have performed more severe environmental issues. Scroll This beautiful route among almond trees mountain and see the beautiful rocks eroded a good half-day nature will experience.