Author: Saleh Shahi


Fairy chimneys and flat Dave (Mahneshan, Zanjan)

Each attraction or supernatural or extraterrestrial phenomenon called words like fairies, spirits and demons is composed of most interest. There is also no exception fairy chimneys. Fort Behestan 12 km from city Mahneshan Zanjan right into the chimney of the puck, which is also known as Dave bed.


Castle Pashtab (Ahar, East Azarbaijan Province)

It was mid-June to see an old castle beautiful region in North West Iran were heading. We have a good chance sunset tail wind and rain after a strong spring with a view of a beautiful rainbow came out of the car to see the castle Pashtab.


Tight Plowshares (Kuhdasht, Lorestan)

– Children four hours after Zohra, to what do you do? Until the end of the night we go camping or to the medieval-style bar and we go back? – Does not matter to me – Does not count, do we decide what is? – Bump into darkness? – So Vstash, a close bridge...


Mazycal(GPS, Mazandaran)

در ارتفاع ۲۶۰۰ متری از سطح دریا بالا تر از ابرها دهکده ای قرار دارد که از دیر باز معروف بوده است، مازیچال به غایت زیبا و دیدنی است که هنوز هم می شود کلبه هایی با معماری سنتی در آن دید. In fact Mazychal called the arrest of...


Summer Gznachal(Branch, Mazandaran)

هرچه بگویم از حال و هوای گزناچال در اواخر پاییز کم گفته ام، مکانی خالی از سکنه بالاتر از جنگل های انبوه و مشرف به منطقه ای وسیع که در این موقع از سال خانه های خالی و سکوتی عجیب را میزبان است. Have the chance to watch football...