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A short passage in Saral, a journey with the taste of rhubarb(Diwandre, Kurdistan province)

It was past 10 pm. I sat behind the wheel and turned it on. I was tired, but I was strong enough to go forward. We left Bijar and the road was paved and clean. Everything was in order and the road was in good condition, so I doubted that I brought my bank card? Why don't I find it?. In short, I preferred to go back to the last point I had used. Having a card was better than not having one. Had dinner in a restaurant at the exit of Bijar city...

اورامان تخت 6

اورامان، سرزمینی در دل کوه های کردستان

بهار است و طبیعت کردستان تمام زیبایی خود را یکجا به مشتاقان هدیه می کند… اورامان تخت نیز مانند سایر روستاهای کردستان که می توان آن را سرزمین پلکانی نامید در دل خود جاذبه هایی دارد که باید دید و لمس کرد.


در مسیر پالنگان(کامیاران، استان کردستان)

Sanandaj, Kurdistan region by the ethnic language and cultural center that has always been considered to be politically or socially, the land border with Iraqi Kurdistan, the situation and the importance of the double, the lake region, cities .

Multi-day trip to the joy of watching nature and culture of Kurdistan will start the first destination is the Palangan village …