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From Aladizge Ardabil to Gilde Gilan(Ardabil and Gilan provinces)

I see the route from Aladiz Geh to Gilde as fulfilling a wish to see the west of Alborz. Where you flow in the meadow bed and then the forest so that your soul and body are filled with the fragrance of the forest. Wash off the dust of your body with a waterfall and a spring, and tea and buttermilk in Gilda will relieve your tiredness. It is as if I have flown and landed this 800 meters.


Navigation in Domola Geopark, from Qari Qashlaq waterfall to Glin Balaghi(Germi, East Angot village, Ardabil province)

I had not heard the name of this heavenly area in Ardabil province until April 1401, and after years of traveling and researching Iran's travel and natural attractions, Dumouli Geopark(Dumula) I was a complete stranger. So I didn't lose time and together with my usual travel companions, a good survey was organized in the middle of Jundar 1401.. Preparing a trip to Dumula Geopark (In the maps of country divisions, it is written Dumoli, but the residents of the village pronounce it Dumula...


Anklet navigation to Islam (استانهای اردبیل و گیلان)

I went over the road and my car was pleasant, but this time I went into the woods on foot within both the way”This is where and where?”پیمایش مسیر خلخال به اسالم در بخشهایی آنقدر زیبا بود که گاهی هنوز فکر می کنم رویایی شیرین بوده است، جنگلهای متراکم و ییلاقی زیبا و وهم آلود چنان در ذهن من نقش بسته است که افسوس و سودای سفر دوباره از من دور نمی شود


Concordant with Ares(Azarbaijan)

Aras river originates from the mountains of Turkey, more than 1,000 km along the border with Iran over and twist your eats up its Caspian Sea…The screw twists the Aras River which borders Iran after the 1813 Treaty of Turkmenchay brought the cat ears. Over the miles of beautiful natural landscapes with historical background is very important that each one in its place. سفری در کنار ارس که از شهر اصلاندوز در نزدیکی دشت مغان آغاز شد و با گذشتن از کنار سد خداآفرین، عاشقلو، کُردشت، نوردوز و سیه رود به جلفا رسید و در ادامه هم نوا با ارس و گذشتن از کنار کلیساهای تاریخی،سد ارس و city ​​demands to the last point in northwestern Iran(The highest latitude Iran) Soraya Fountain ended the nearby mountains of Ararat.


Of Yeri City to Khan Kennedy's old frontiersman(Ardabil)

Ardabil is always tempting to nature, the warm spring air that goes to the heart of hearts I cool this region, our destination this time the city and the city warmly Meshkinshar (germs) Is the site of the ancient city of Thierry and suspension bridge Meshkinshar and visited the tomb of Sheikh Haidar Khan village on the border of the Azerbaijan Republic sat down to watch the slow nature.


پیمایش از دریاچه سوها به آبشار لاتون( استانهای اردبیل و گیلان)

انگار سفر به ییلاقات گیلان و ارتفاعات اردبیل جز جدا نشدنی خرداد ماه است، امسال دریاچه سوها در اردبیل و آبشار لاتون در لوندویل گیلان ما را به سمت این دو استان زیبای ایران کشاند