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Tang and Qarasu waterfalls, unique erosion(Kalat Naderi, Khorasan Razavi Province)

It was about 10 years ago that I first read a travel report about the waterfalls and the Qarasu Valley of Kalat Naderi, and I remember seeing a photo of the ladders along the way to facilitate the route.. In September 1400 there was an opportunity to travel to Kalat Naderi and in the evening of one of the last days of summer I was ready to see one of the most amazing geology of Iran.. The night before...


The world of hidden waters(Ferdows and Gonabad, South Khorasan and Razavi provinces)

Under the pretext of visiting the two aqueducts registered in UNESCO in Khorasan, ie the aqueducts in Baghistan and Froos and the Qasbeh aqueduct in Gonabad, I tried to find out more by using well-known sources in this regard and to reflect this content in the blog..

صخره های بلند دره شمخال 17

Valley arquebus(Tax collectors, Khorasan Razavi)

Strait arquebus(Shamkhaal) یکی از زیباترین و رازآلود ترین مناطق ایران است که تا لحظه آخر چشمها را محسور همه زیبایی خود می کند. The strait is 18 km with walls about 200 meters in the north-eastern Iran near the border town situated tax collectors. این تنگه از روستای شمخال(۵ کیلومتری جنوب باجگیران) آغاز و در روستای محمد تقی بیگ از توابع درونگر(Dorungar) پایان می یابد.