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Dizin ski resort with a view of the mountains Sichal the old link is. 8

Sichal Peak (Dizin, in the Alborz)

The famous ski resort Dizin Dizin subconscious remembers everything and throws snow white. But nature Tbstany Dizin ski holiday and peak season Sychal something to say. Cool summer away from the bustle of the ski resort lifts and lifts walks the green mountains at an altitude of 3717 meters climb to reach the summit Sychal.

Waterfall landscape 3

Khor Waterfall(Chalous Road, Alborz)

Beautiful waterfall cascades worthy of Tehran and Alborz Alborz Province that people love nature as a one-day program is recommended. The waterfall with a height of about 50 meters at 2,800 meters is located near the village of Khor.