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Patrol in Khosf(South Khorasan province)

South Khorasan province is one of the best provinces for travel and experience, despite its many attractions. Near Birjand, the capital of the province, the old city of Khosf is one of those places with a history that is recommended to visit before going to Birjand.. The following travelogue is the result of a short walk of several hours in Khosf.

سد تاخیری عباسی ۳۲

Fee and hot springs village Murtaza Ali(Peaks, South Khorasan province)

دلها را باید آماده کرد برای دیدن اثری طبیعی و تاریخی در نزدیکی طبس، شهری که به خشکی و آب هوای کویری شهره است.کال سردره یا دره سر که بیشتر بخاطر چشمه آب گرم یا حمام مرتضی علی و اثر تاریخی طاق یا سد تاخیری عباسی مشهور near the village of fee (Kharv) Is…