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A tour in Naraq(Central Province)

Naraq… The word that I had heard for years was also close to us, but it was always postponed…We always thought that closer destinations are always available and for now we should stick to the faraway ones. And it happened that we had neglected such a beautiful city. Until finally, on an autumn and December weekend, when we had a little time, it was time to visit several nearby destinations, including Naraq....

Mosque of Saveh ۰

Discovering Saveh(Central Province)

Saveh city in the northern part of the province and 150 kilometers from the capital located. بافت قدیمی این شهر کهن و طبیعت اطراف آن را به عنوان مقصد یک روزه خود در ابتدای بهار برگزیدیم و دل به جاده ها زدیم و اینک شما را در این سفر و جاذبه های کمتر دیده شده شریک می نماییم.