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Operetta and Lamasieh, beautiful Alborz terrace(Mazandaran)

Kuhzai in Iran has presented the peak of his art, which is truly one of the most beautiful landscapes in Iran.. The result of this strange and delicious fold is the climatic difference between the Caspian Sea and the Iranian plateau in a short distance.. This area is locally called “Operet” Has become famous. The border of Semnan and Mazandaran provinces. It was in late June 2016 that we planned a three-day trip to the Opert region. I explored ways to get to Opert. It had three routes from Tehran to Operetta. Route...


Lefort or Sklim River limestone waterfall(Northern Savadkuh, Mazandaran Province)

Jogging in the jungle with cool water has many synonyms in the Hyrcanian jungles, and the Sklim limestone waterfall in Lefebvre is one of the best options for this trip.. A trip to the depths of the forest with a shallow river and walking and sports is something to be expected from this dream trip.


The King and the old way(Haraz road, Mazandaran Province)

Haraz Road is the shortest route to get from the capital to the Caspian Sea plain that many times those who intend to travel to the territory to the north of Iran have crossed. In all the screws and the way in Haraz River Valley attractions that can be found along the way to see it and be fruitful journey. One of the most important historical and natural attractions tight strap-shaped cut and embossed Sassanid king and the broken bridge that is hidden in a valley behind Wana tunnel and it is necessary to see them go into the tunnel in the southern tip of South. Here is narrow and the way is very beautiful and well worth a stop and a visit to the.


Woods and his goth Springs(Heather, Mazandaran)

Name all learned heather heather beautiful bridge, a masterpiece of railway throws on top of Mt.. But Warsak village in addition to the important railway attractions, natural attractions and tourism can be introduced as a stand-alone destination. There is a beautiful waterfall in the forest and eyes narrowed and his goth forest near the village and the peaks of the beautiful attractions that Heather has filled attractions.


Mazycal(GPS, Mazandaran)

At an altitude of 350 meters above sea level, there is a village that has been famous for a long time. Mazichal is so beautiful and spectacular that you can still see cottages with traditional architecture in it.. In fact Mazychal area called East Village consists of several cottages and the summer collection is from the countryside Mazandaran.


Summer Gznachal(Branch, Mazandaran)

هرچه بگویم از حال و هوای گزناچال در اواخر پاییز کم گفته ام، مکانی خالی از سکنه بالاتر از جنگل های انبوه و مشرف به منطقه ای وسیع که در این موقع از سال خانه های خالی و سکوتی عجیب را میزبان است. Have the chance to watch his step and maybe even stay the night at the fire and the great illusion.


Lagoon Hsl(Chalus, Mazandaran)

Small Lagoon Hsl (Hasel or Hesel) In the southwestern city of Chalus in the forest Sinava and Talaju is very easy and worthwhile destination. The area adjacent to Road Branch is a great offer for those who travel this road to go to the north to. You will reach this natural attraction with a short and pleasant walk, but at the beginning of the route, it is possible to rent a blue Nissan to get to the side....


Aubin waterfall (Dodangeh forests Sari, Mazandaran)

Everyone knows what he woods with my soul, but I have no one even knew that the forest is the opiate of housing in the world is getting down to the feet of Lang forest. There is a good day that day I did a killer headache two days we went over the menu had engaged in forest. The combination of the sun and the forest on an autumn day did something that not only relieved my headache but also my headache....


Kanglou(Savadkooh, Mazandaran)

به طور کلی از برنامه هایی که از لحظه شروع پیاده روی مقصد در انتها قابل دید است لذت می برم، حالا اگر هدف دیدن قلعه ای در یک نقطه ی زیبا در فصل زیبای پاییز باشد که چه بهتر. Firoozkooh road should just never had the intention to get to the other side of Alborz. In many of these roads ancillary attractions that can be an incentive for sightseeing. Ganglu Castle near Kanglo village...


Twenty Falakdeh in forest (Branch, Mazandaran)

Suggest a couple of friends and sunny autumn Morrow way roads that go, let's go to reach the sea and then autumn forest Branch, our goal is Falakdeh, in the heart of two thousand forests that culminate in the fall, flirting got time to peak he even the. Of course, now that I am writing this message on the Caspian region with snow and extreme cold and cut off gas and electricity and the crisis of the winter cold conditions Brvst.


Chort or myạnshh(Sari, Mazandaran)

جنگل های مازندران در جنوب شرق شهر ساری و در بخش چهار دانگه، دریاچه ای را درون خود جای داده اند که حالا دیگر اسم و رسمی برای خودش دست و پا کرده و حالا دریاچه چورت( Churet) Different groups have turned to nature.

Icefall Shahandasht 3

Falls Shahandasht( Larijan, Mazandaran)

گفته می شود بلند ترین آبشار دائمی مازندران است، آبشاری مشرف به جاده که حتی از کنار جاده پر ترافیک هراز هم قابل رویت است، شاهاندشت نام آبشاریست در کنار قلعه ملک بهمن که و در کنار روستایی با همین نام که بازدیدش می تواند به عنوان توقفگاهی در مسیر سفر به شمال لذت بخش باشد.

A moss Part of waterfall 15

He Isfahan Falls (Behshahr, Mazandaran)

He Pasand Aspect waterfall near the village of Neka is located in an area of ​​thousands of acres. Natural attractions of this village, forest green and pleasant climate and a fountain and waterfall Aspect him as a unique attraction near this village has a high reputation.

Beautiful sunset before reaching the summit of Imam Qasim 10

The head by a line Vیbannd Alیmstan(Mazandaran)

The objective nature of the Caspian, and Caspian roof Fylbnd (filband) And Alimestan (alimastan) The natural beauty of the region's preeminent.

After reviewing the course, a group of 12 we were ready to move from the East to the bus terminal Tehran, moved Wednesday afternoon, 25 kilometers Amol Tee Sangachal(sangchal) پیاده شدیم ساعت حدود ۵ عصر بود که با کمک ماشین های عبوری تلفن یک راننده مینی بوس را پیدا کردیم و منتظر شدیم که بیاید، از سه راهی جاده هراز تا روستای فیلبند حدود ۴۵ کیلومتر جاده آسفالته پیچ در پیچ در دل ارتفاعات و جنگل های چلاو(chelAve) After going from village to village that Sangachal Fylbnd reaches a height of about 2,300 meters above sea level.