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Brian Wheat is one of the most different nature scenes Iran. 5

Brian Wheat(Shahdad, Kerman Province)

Different faces of nature on the plateau, across a wide area of ​​volcanic rocks in the Dasht-e Lut… سکویی به ارتفاع ۱۲۵ متر بلندتر از زمین های اطراف و وسعتی در حدود ۱۵۰ کیلومتر مربع و دورنمایی متفاوت از کال شور تنها رود جاری در دل لوت، شگفتی خاصی را در این منطقه پدید آورده است… Here name is Brian Wheat.


Unrivaled attractions Loot( Kerman)

Iran is undoubtedly one of the most attractive areas of Dasht-e Lut, where the air conditioning in the second half of the year due to host tourists, and a collection of the most beautiful attractions for visitors to the showcase, Shahdad in Kerman hundred kilometers East axis desert tourism the area…

Rag·h magnificent valley in 30 Kilometers Rafsanjan 4

Valley Rag·h(Rafsanjan, Kerman)

Valley Rag·h a fabulous valley near the city of Rafsanjan, Iran is the result of water erosion. Such as the valley can be seen that certain forms of attrition in which Cal Jenny emerged tops. Rag·h Valley with all its fame among nature, among people unfamiliar names and lesser known Rafsanjan,