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Duplan(Ardal, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari)

Village Duplan(Dvplvn) Functions Ardal city in the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari is located in one of the beautiful Zagros. And the proximity of the intersection of the most important and high-Btryn Sabzkouh with Iran, the Karun River(Here to Beheshtabad known, little is known ahead of this goes to Armand) There is a beautiful Dvpvlvn. These waters come together at one point and go to Caron to build more high water.

زرد لیمه از دور 25

Zarde Limeh Waterfall(دیناران، استان چهار محال و بختیاری)

راستش در اواسط راه پشیمان شده بودم ، اما الان اگر دوباره مجالی باشد مشتاق رفتن هستم، کم آبی مسیر وسفری سه روزه به منطقه باعث سنگین شدن کوله ام شده بود که این سنگینی رمق آدم را خواهد گرفت. از قدیم گفته اند: هرکه طاووس خواهد جور هندوستان کشد. اصلا این مثل را برای آبشار زردلیمه گفته اند.

زیبایی محض ۰

Plain inverted tulips (Koohrang, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari)

As a child I always called Fritillaria strange and fascinating, and because of the lack of opportunity to meet this goal, lost opportunity after another, got until year. The flower is dear, it is the spoils of his talk that came to the garden this way and it will be an inverted tulip. It is a perennial plant with very beautiful flowers of the lily family....