Instructions for using the GPS files

به منظور درک بهتر جغرافیای منطقه و راه های رسیدن به جاذبه های گردشگری تا جای ممکن مسیر ها توسط جی پی اس ثبت و پس از ویرایش و تصحیح و اضافه کردن نقاط مهم مسیر(به منظور درک بهتر جغرافیای منطقه و راه های رسیدن به جاذبه های گردشگری تا جای ممکن مسیر ها توسط جی پی اس ثبت و پس از ویرایش و تصحیح و اضافه کردن نقاط مهم مسیر) For nature enthusiasts and tourism in one of the most relevant websites wikiloc Placed.

How wikikoc download files from our gps?

To download files from wikiloc must be registered on this site and create an account. After joining the desired track by selecting the Download link at the top of it there.

Download any file path that is at the top of this page appears, click on it.

When downloading the cases marked carefully. Burning files to mobile device or gpx format used to more accurately select origin and for that waypoint files also have the file, or choose the last option include location.

How to use the gps file?

If the computer you only need to study the route on google earth download version and then download those files into the software set to open. Then the default route will be able to be traced and the check Terrain. Also able to see information by right-clicking it'll be like height and speed step.

View from the software google earth

View from the software google earth

With a gps device or even a smart phone smart phone will be able to file with the extension gpx. * View and track your route.

If you like the Garmin Handheld GPS device you use, you need to use software to map source files transfer device.

If you have a smartphone with an operating system ios or android breaking, innovative software applications to open the files there gpx. After opening the file with the relevant Application and enable gps phone can follow the path.

Maple Group recorded routes in wikiloc

This will be completed ...

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  1. محمد says:

    Thank you for your site and team spirit at least to me, incentive travel and ecotourism in construction
    But it's a question about software wikiloc or similar; the main problem is that in nature we lay out directions, every moment where I tell you that you are leaving. There is a problem using wikiloc is impossible to use the live tracking, maybe I could not active
    There are good routes and accurate on the Internet, but when you're on that path, and generally do not have access to Ayntnrnt, how to make you understand that the chosen path is right or not?
    Thank you very much

    • Afra group says:

      Hello and thank you for Ltftvn

      To use the file must travel before starting the download files and accurately in the Google Earth Chkshvn. After ensuring that Mnasbh file transfer to your smartphone or GPS device.

      برای کار با اپلیکیشن ویکی لوک با توجه به اینکه دانلود مستقیم مسیر با خود اپلیکیشن پولیه، بهتره ابتدا از وب سایت فایل رو روی گوشی ذخیره کنید و با اجرای اون فایل مستقیم میره در اپلیکیشن ویکی لوک و شما در هر زمانی می تونید اون رو ترک and always keep on track and to work offline. To download files, you must register two Luke Wiki.

      Good luck.

  2. محمد says:

    Thank you very much for your answer and ashamed that I did not fully understand
    For example, I crack the code "of city management and Meshkinshar up .." You got that this is: 13748910 enter my apps. نقشه رو به همراه پروفایل شما و بقیه مشخصات میاره ولی وقتی گزینه download and follow رو می زنم یه صفحه ای باز می شه که نوشته get your navigation pack now و بعد هم یک ارور از خود اپلیکیشن میاد که :
    Error: problem setting up in-app billing: labResult: Error checking for billing V3 Support
    And have no choice but ok that after he was left out

    You had encountered such a problem?

    • Afra group says:

      PLEASE. The task is exactly the same problem, I can not download apps, but not directly from the site to download and import.

      When downloading the features I listed above Make sure to follow. Origin and include …

  3. محمد says:

    Thank you, my problem was solved with nice tips
    Really help you

  4. محمد says:

    Doc was right Dvstmvn
    I just add that
    If you Faylsh Android open Nshd, the following form you automatically open the application ESexplorer
    Select the check after the open as the first Faylsh
    Then showed his phone apps you select wikiloc

  5. Promise says:

    Download Nmyknh.fkr I Polje!!!

  6. akbar kargar says:

    To send files, gps

  7. akbar kargar says:

    Gps file record Vdanlvd recorded files

  8. Farzad says:

    What kind of I run the downloaded file?

  9. Mustafa says:

    Hello, very nice site thanks and appreciation for the mess we Zhmthayy. I had a question, for what we IOS? After you've downloaded the file on the phone that I can show you how to move the phone and open it?

  10. Yahia says:

    I've downloaded the site's map of Mount Sahand
    I came to you now open software
    Put files for complete and accurate
    May I tell him to leave his options followtarial after a bad money
    Why not approach this?

  11. Yashar says:

    Hi way to open files with the extension gps map * there?

  12. محمد says:

    Slam.ltfa method to import the file to watch the Phoenix Garmin explanation Thank Bdhyd.khyly

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you, has had with this device did not work. It's a good idea to use your own guide and see what the mapsource identifies your device under. A typical GPS device?

  13. The fate says:

    سلام من زمانیکه دارم رکورد ثبت میکنم ازیک جایی به بعد بهم اخطار میده که سیگنال جی پس وجودنداره و امکان ثبت تریل وجودنداره بنظرتون باید چیکاربکنم.؟ حس میکنم مشکل ازتنظیمات گوشیمه و گوشیمم هوآوی هست

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