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Gurz Langar village(Darrehshahr, Ilam province)

The beautiful nature of Ilam can be well felt on the slopes of Kabirkuh. I knew the mountain village of Garz Langar simply because of the suspended rock on a rock base. But after traveling there, I found the beauty of this Lor village first in the kind and calm people and then its beautiful nature in the lap of Kabirkuh. Although the suspended stone is a special attraction and is effective in the fame of the village, but other beauties such as the stone stream,...

Tang Xing as if like a cave. ۰

Tang Xing(Saleh Abad, Ilam)

In less than 10 kilometers from the western borders of Iran in Ilam province is one of the most unique natural attractions. Tang Xing Xing or to name common, but incorrect cave river erosion phenomenon Saleh Abad Elam 5 km at an altitude of 560 meters above sea level is.