Fee and hot springs village Murtaza Ali(Peaks, South Khorasan province)

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  1. Nima says:

    Shadv stay healthy

  2. Behzad says:

    Hey, and do not bother
    Sorry wondering if you have any questions we can ask on the phone? S number?

  3. Behzad says:

    I wanted to see if you have plans to travel to the Mkanv to obtain information about Mhytshv resorts and when it got to be better in terms of climate and … Somebody was asked.
    Thanks again

    • Afra group says:

      Greetings to you dear friend
      About time for a trip to Tabas, I must say that the second half of the year and early spring when the weather is good Mnasbyh usually, but this winter to spring everywhere!!!
      View Murtaza Ali should have to stay in the Peaks.
      در شهر طبس میتونید خونه اجاره کنید، که اگه خواستید میتونیم کمکتون کنیم، البته گزینه دیگری هم هست که اونم اقامت در ذائر سرای حرم امام زاده ی شهر طبسه که هم ارزونه هم امکانات داخل حرم بد نیست، فقط خانم ها باید چادر داشته باشن 😉
      We'll also find a friend who is a noble man and a van as well, if established, would you say that Mrfytvn Sfrtvn and I.
      Again if you have any of Khdmtm

  4. Reza Taghizadeh says:

    Mr. King's service Baslam: Az·hmt and thank you for your efforts…Sincerely born small Shmatqy .
    The second Amyddydar

  5. Election says:


    I read the report of your program's tops. We may feast on a nice walk. I wanted to see if we rent a house Bkhvaym Peaks in price and how it is her condition… Can you help us out? If we go to the villages and the Van Bkhvaym the price and if you know how it is, you'll thank us introduce.

  6. Z Mohseni says:

    Hi, I happened to notice the similarities in names and causes Khvshhalyh
    I just Drkafy and I hope I can take advantage of the valuable lessons you

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you, the name similarity in word maple and common purpose is our pleasure. Thank you to our've. Hopefully someday the Maple Group is a joint program of the nature of our. Be proud and lasting.

  7. محمد says:

    خوب بوددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددددد.

  8. علی says:

    عالی بد

  9. Well says:

    Stay healthy

  10. رسولی says:

    باسلام.ممنون ازمطلب عالیتون.راستش خیلی ترغیب شدم که برای عید سری به طبس بزنم.
    چند سوال داشتم خدمتتون:من شماره ای از زائرسرایی که گفتید نتونستم پیدا کنم برای اسکان.میشه راهنمایی کنید و دیگه اینکه من احتمالا با یک یا دو نفر از بستگان و بدون وسیله شخصی راهی طبس بشم.میخواستم بدونم با این شرایط بنظرتون امکان رفتن با روستاهای اطراف و دیدن این همه زیبایی هست؟ منظورم اینه که ما چون جمعیتمون کمه مسلما از ون یا تور های گروهی برای رفتن به اطراف نمیتوانیم استفاده کنیم ، ایا مثلا اتوبوس یا ونهای خطی هم برای افراد وجود داره که اونها رو به این مکانهای خوب اطراف طبس ببره؟ ممنون میشم که لطف کنید و راهنماییم کنید چون با اینکه نابلدم اما بسیار مشتاق این سفرم

    • Afra group says:

      درود فراوان بر شما، ممنون از شما و خوشحالم که از این گزارش خوشتون آمده.
      در خصوص زائر سرا شماره ای ندارم ولی با توجه به وسعت و تعدد اتاقهای حرم فکر نمی کنم مشکلی وجود داشته باشه ، مسئولین زائر سرا همیشه حضور دارن و درب های حرم همیشه بازه، بنابراین نیاز چندانی به پیش هماهنگی ندارین.
      در طبس تاکسی تلفنی و دربستی فراوان یافت میشه که برای تعداد نفرات کم مناسبه، مثلا اگر چهار نفر باشید هزینه خیلی زیادی برای هر نفر نخواهد داشت .در خصوص تاکسی های خطی اطلاعی ندارم، چون برای دیدن همه روستاها و دیدن چندین مکان در یک روز مناسب نیستن.
      دوست من نابلدی در این چنین سفرهای شهری و روستایی تاثیر زیادی نداره، چون شما در هر شهری مردمانی مهربان را خواهید یافت که شما را کمک و راهنمایی خواهند کرد، من به شما پیشنهاد می کنم بدون نگرانی به این سفر بروید.
      امیدوارم خوش بگذره

  11. علی مرشدلو says:

    لطفا اگه میشه از شهر خرو هم عکس بذارید

  12. Hamid Pur says:

    I was wondering the August summer season in the village's exit, springs from the images Andakhtyd What's he like? Are just as beautiful? The value is gone? Thank you

  13. Hamid says:

    The village is very interesting output Anshaa… Bayyd good people working closely watch

  14. Mahnaz says:

    Easter this year for the first time Bvd.bhtvn Rftm.aly Suggest you go ladies very friendly and hospitable people and fantastic landscape

  15. Masoud says:

    I want to go to the feast with about a dozen people Peaks.
    Do you rent your home?
    In addition, because we are family and children, we are paving the way to spring?

    • Afra group says:

      Hi, I hope you have a nice trip in advance. Hot Spring and proper navigation route to the Abbasi family's vault. Having sandals and slippers for the water sector help. You can use the shrine pilgrims to stay home. Telephone number of a person who had previously rented their home for you to send Aymlytan. However, the current situation and that it is still willing to do it, I do not know.

  16. Hussain Safai says:

    Moussa al-Kadhim shrine of Imam Husayn ibn Salam Contact(P) In the same tops or Zayrsray shrine that was asked is as follows:
    05632822200 just to inform my friends Zayrsray shrine room reservation must be booked in person attempt

  17. Sadra says:

    Hi Please tell me how much of the route can be reached Pride went to hot springs and how much walking

  18. Zahra says:

    Hi Please tell me how much of the route can be reached Pride went to hot springs and how much walking

    • Afra group says:

      Hey, where was said to Khvdrdhast parking and is the first valley was went by car, walk to the fountains and arches between half an hour to a maximum of one hour Abbas. Make sure you bring slippers or sandals.

  19. Anonymous says:


    See and that only a miracle

  20. MAZDAK says:

    You see only a miracle was great and very awesome

  21. Anonymous says:

    Plum plum fruit'll love Nishapur Röhm see output fall cherry and walnut…

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