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Navigation in Domola Geopark, from Qari Qashlaq waterfall to Glin Balaghi(Germi, East Angot village, Ardabil province)

I had not heard the name of this heavenly area in Ardabil province until April 1401, and after years of traveling and researching Iran's travel and natural attractions, Dumouli Geopark(Dumula) I was a complete stranger. So I didn't lose time and together with my usual travel companions, a good survey was organized in the middle of Jundar 1401.. Preparing a trip to Dumula Geopark (In the maps of country divisions, it is written Dumoli, but the residents of the village pronounce it Dumula...


Tang and Qarasu waterfalls, unique erosion(Kalat Naderi, Khorasan Razavi Province)

It was about 10 years ago that I first read a travel report about the waterfalls and the Qarasu Valley of Kalat Naderi, and I remember seeing a photo of the ladders along the way to facilitate the route.. In September 1400 there was an opportunity to travel to Kalat Naderi and in the evening of one of the last days of summer I was ready to see one of the most amazing geology of Iran.. The night before...


Cascade Shyvnd(-ize, Khuzestan)

Somewhere along the way ize and Dehdez, in the mountains Mangasht Khuzestan, a village called Shyvnd good climate and beautiful waterfalls to Sfrmast. Karun road on this side and on that side Shyvnd. Changes in human nature created by Karun-3 Dam in Khuzestan province is. However, a large lake in our route and see Shyvnd is not possible without the short trip on the water.


The Aligudarz to Khorramabad, travel Zagros(Lorestan)

Aligudarz no intention of crossing the road to Khorramabad route Scholl Abad and not the White Plains. The aim was around Khorramabad. But sometimes a picture or video manhole his face was nothing else other than he could not get div. The image of a nice waterfall in the name of Brnjh the next 24 hours saw ourselves in front of.

زرد لیمه از دور 25

Zarde Limeh Waterfall(دیناران، استان چهار محال و بختیاری)

راستش در اواسط راه پشیمان شده بودم ، اما الان اگر دوباره مجالی باشد مشتاق رفتن هستم، کم آبی مسیر وسفری سه روزه به منطقه باعث سنگین شدن کوله ام شده بود که این سنگینی رمق آدم را خواهد گرفت. از قدیم گفته اند: هرکه طاووس خواهد جور هندوستان کشد. اصلا این مثل را برای آبشار زردلیمه گفته اند.


آبشار شِوی(دزفول، استان خوزستان)

بدون شک آبشار شوی(shevi) را می توان یکی از زیباترین آبشار های ایران نامید. آبشاری به بلندای ۱۰۰ متر که پرخروش از دل کوه بیرون آمده و این همه زیبایی را به طبیعت می بخشد. به این سفر که پا میگذارید می بایست انتظار جنگل زیبای بلوط و سه آبشار زیبا را داشته باشید. خصوصاً اگر نوروز باشد و جنگل سبز بهاری بلوط خودنمایی می کند.


Icefall Sangan(Tehran)

آبشار سنگان از آن دسته برنامه های چهار فصل است که همیشه جاذبه ای را برای مشتاقان خود دارد. از فصل بهار و شکوفه های گیلاس تا تابستان گرم و خنکای آبشار و از پاییز هزار رنگ تا زمستان سفید پوش. اما آبشار یخی سنگان در فصل زمستانی شهرت بیشتری را کسب کرده است. Create a breathtaking view of the high hill of ice under the snow all the way near Tehran waterfall and nature enthusiasts are attracted to the.

Icefall Shahandasht 3

Falls Shahandasht( Larijan, Mazandaran)

گفته می شود بلند ترین آبشار دائمی مازندران است، آبشاری مشرف به جاده که حتی از کنار جاده پر ترافیک هراز هم قابل رویت است، شاهاندشت نام آبشاریست در کنار قلعه ملک بهمن که و در کنار روستایی با همین نام که بازدیدش می تواند به عنوان توقفگاهی در مسیر سفر به شمال لذت بخش باشد.


Latoon Waterfall(Lavandevil, Gilan )

آبشار لاتون در انتهای سرحدات استان گیلان، نزدیک مرز استان اردبیل و در مجاورت کوه اسپیناس قرار گرفته، برای رسیدن به این آبشار بایستی از شهر لوندویل(Lavandevil) Astra is located near the asphalt road through the forest and the village of narrow-rick (Kote Kome) Go where the hot spring is the night when we returned from the waterfall found more tepid to warm water, but the shower was palatability.

Shymbar on the picture frame 8

Scroll Valley Shla the dam to Shymbar(Indica, Khuzestan)

Azmny word Shymbar(Shynbar) The query words spring to arrive… Sweet Spring…Who really deserve the name of this beautiful region… Shimbar area in the Zagros Mountains, 75 km from the city of Masjed Soleiman at the foot of picturesque mountains della(Work) Has been slow. Shimbar full of springs and rivers in the high-water plain to beautiful lagoon with bushes head held high the water and summer pond of water in the face of other shows and wild bushes and pomegranates and grapes … Present themselves.

Biblical literacy mountain forests ۰

Falls Vlyla(Literacy mountains, Mazandaran)

Vlyla a beautiful waterfall cascades in the heart of the mountain forests literacy Anjlyy. Navigation path to reach the top of the beautiful waterfall in forest, autumn is very fantastic. Path among the trees, beech, hazel and… After a journey along a river in Hdvd1.5 Vlyla km from the village brings you over waterfall.