A short passage in Saral, a journey with the taste of rhubarb(Diwandre, Kurdistan province)

It was past 10 pm. I sat behind the wheel and turned it on. I was tired, but I was strong enough to go forward. We left Bijar and the road was paved and clean. Everything was in order and the road was in good condition, so I doubted that I brought my bank card? Why don't I find it?. In short, I preferred to go back to the last point I had used. Having a card was better than not having one. We had dinner in a canteen at the exit of Bijar city. I came back and asked if there was any card left? No one knew. In short, at that time of the night, search the asphalt floor and the sidewalk … He was very bored. Until I got disappointed and went back to the car and saw that the seam behind the seat and the support had a good fit. There was no rush, and I cursed my unconsciousness, and we returned to the road, and the road turned into a two-way road with the blinding lights of the cars in sight.!
We continued the path until we reached the main tee. The right of Diwandre, the left of Sanandaj. We drove a little towards Sanandaj and reached the road that was the gate of Saral district at midnight.

We planned to spend the night in the car until dawn and were looking for a good place. In the first village of Saral district, upon entering the side road, we turned into Kole Kowleh and turned off in an alley next to a house.. As soon as we were ready to sleep, Nissan pulled a hand in front of us with four lights. We had parked in front of God's servant's house. Wasn't the driver curious about this strange car at this time of night and where it is? He left and we didn't know anything until morning…

The green and cultivated hills of Saral
Half of May, Saral
Wild geranium adorns the green plains of Saral
A view from a point overlooking the plain before Ghazal Ozen

In the morning, along the road towards Hazarkanian, the green plains of Saral were warmed by the mild May weather..

Before Hazarkanian, where the road overlooked the plain, we stopped for photography. I was taking a picture when the familiar sound of ho ho ho came. I raised my head involuntarily. Two beautiful headsets were sitting on the power wire. The silence of the mountains and the green plains had a beautiful combination. The path continued until it reached the well-known river of Qezel Ozen.

The beautiful head of the traveler of Iran
I think they were wild pears
I think they were wild pears
The green hills of Saral in May

The perspective of the small town of Hazarkanian
Next to the beautiful Qezel Ozen
Qezel Ozen to the Caspian Sea has a winding path
The gateway to Hazarkanian

We set up a breakfast table next to the Qezal Ozen beach and got energy in the heat of the sun. I sat on the edge of a rock with my feet in the water and thought about how long this river has to reach the Caspian Sea and where it does not pass through.… I had the melodika with me and played my favorite piece.
After enjoying the river, we left for Hazarkanian. It is one of the smallest cities in Iran with a population of less than 1000 people. Its urbanization gradually brings facilities. The internet was established and there was a municipal building. I don't know where the future of its development will reach, but I hope for more facilities in the region.
Kani means spring in Kurdish language. We continued the road and had a stop in Kol village around noon. The mountain overlooking the village was very beautiful. We did a little shopping at the store. Sanan's house was near the shop and we chatted for a few minutes. An original and cultured young man who was studying for the entrance exam and we wished him success. We continued the path in Saral until the dirt started and the area became a resort. It was almost noon and the residents of the surrounding towns were mainly from Diwandara who were on their way to Salar to spend their spring holiday in the mountains and by the river.. It was artichoke and rhubarb season and we bought some rhubarb from a middle-aged man. Fresh and sour and delicious. We asked those who were passing by car, where are the best places to visit Ataraq, and they pointed to the continuation of the route. Some invited you to stay with us and our lunch is ready. The path became more beautiful as it went further and a small valley and river hosted it. We stopped near a family to have lunch. They came from Diwandara and are from nature and mountains. We talked and decided to continue the route to Rhubarb Mountain after lunch. We continued on the dirt road after Inferno Dara and at one point we took a narrower but good dirt road to the right and gained more height until the rhubarbs with their broad leaves were visible under the light.. The view is beautiful and eating rhubarb was very tasty.
We had a 1.5 hour drive back to Diwandre and said goodbye to our friends.
In the morning, we had heard from the family that we had seen near Qezel Ozen that there is a good residence and water park near Divandera, and we decided to go there.. It was almost evening when we reached there and ended the short tour of Saral.

A side path to Rhubarb
When we went to the top of the hill, it was clear that we had taken a side route.
A hill full of rhubarb in Saral
Riosi, whose picking time has passed and its flower has completely opened and lost its crispness.
How to pick and preserve rhubarb is very important and must be learned first so as not to damage the plant
The beautiful smile of the rhubarb seller in Saral
Villages at the end of the route
Beautiful river in Saral
Ferfion flower in Saral

Some tips for traveling to Saral:
– Our trip was done in May 1401 and at that time, despite the high potential of tourism in Saral region, accommodation and tourism had not started.. Therefore, if you want to have a night out, you should be equipped with camping equipment.
– The hotel and water park, 5 km from Divandre, was a very clean, high-quality and economical complex. It also had a restaurant and a gas station, and we ordered food to eat in the room.. The session for women was from morning to evening and for men from evening to midnight.
– The best season to visit Saral is late April and May.
-Read about picking wild plants and be careful not to damage the plants.
– We learned how to make rhubarb stew from friends in Diwandarei, which can be said to have a very good taste and the rhubarb pickle makes a complete difference in it..
– Chel Cheshme mountain area near Diwandre can also be an option for travel and sightseeing.
– Our trip to Diwandre was from Bijar and visiting the old market of Bijar was also enjoyable.

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