Qutrum, the valley of wonder(Bafgh, Yazd Province)

Three days off was an incentive to get to Bafgh, where I was always thirsty to visit. Our good fortune was that in late February, at the same time as the almond trees blossomed, the mood of the scenery from the grove to the almond grove was mixed.. We decided to move in the evening because the route from Tehran to Bafgh was a boring ride and it took a long time from a winter day.. Near midnight, we ate the famous Ardestan chicken that we had already planned. It was about 1 o'clock when the eyes could no longer see the road. We stopped to sleep at a gas station near Aqda.

We had a comfortable sleep in the car and early in the morning we left for Ardakan and Yazd. It was around eight in the morning when we reached Fahraj. At the entrance of Fahraj, we got boiling water from the well-mannered shopkeeper. We were planning to have breakfast and the square next to Jame Mosque had the best atmosphere. The entrance street to the square was paved well. The historical heart of Fahraj was its mosque. The tour around us led us to the coffee house on the same street between the Grand Mosque and the reliance on the old bazaar, and our work was made with a large glass of Yazdi coffee.. We were in Fahraj for about two or three hours and walked everywhere. Our intention was Bafgh and Qatar. The day was short and I had to move. The wall to wall of the coffee house was an old bath, although it had not been renovated, but it was not without grace to see it.

Upon entering Bafgh, the difference with Yazd was quite noticeable. Bafgh loves hearts with its palms. Khan Square, which I always wanted to be in, was near us, but we decided to return to Bafgh tomorrow and take a tour.. We had entered the secluded and narrow Qatram road in the southeast of Bafgh and there was not much way ahead.

Qatram village of Bafgh functions

At noon, we were empty and silent in the middle of Qatar. We decided to dance in the school yard. Qatram rock pools or water rocks were one of the most significant attractions in Qatar and we had to find someone to show us the way.. There was no one but one of the residents who was going somewhere by motorcycle trailer. We asked about the Sangabs and he agreed to show us the way. Saleh and Elham followed him by car, and by the time we came to follow them, they had disappeared in the same small area, and I was disappointed to see Sangab.. In the evening, after lunch, I climbed the rocky slope in front of the school and saw a good picture of the area. I noticed that all the rocky valleys there are full of stepped water rocks.

Qatar is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by rocky mountains
Qatar is located in the middle of a valley surrounded by rocky mountains
View of Qatram fields and almond blossoms
Almond blossom, Qatram village
Early spring Qatram
Almond sprouts
Late February, Qatram village
Bagat Qatarm was changing clothes
Garden alley in Qatarm
The view of rocky mountains near Qatram fields
The sunset is heart-warming
An alley in Qatram village near the mosque
Passage in Qatarm
Sunset moments in Qatram village
Almond tree in the rocky valley of Qatar
Sangab valley near Qatar
Such Sangabs can be seen in the region.
The view of the Sangabs that I realized from the top of the hill
View of our school in Qatar
The fallen stone was like a fallen statue.
The beauty of the glow of the setting sun on the rocky mountains around Qatar

We spent the evening and evening until dark in Qatar. The walk along the fields was very enjoyable.

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