From Qazvin to Eshkorat and Rahimabad Rudsar(Qazvin province and Mazandaran province)

This article is the result of a two-day trip from Qazvin to Rahimabad Rudsar, during which we crossed the Alborz mountain range to get acquainted with the geography and culture of the people of the region as much as possible..

I have previously written in the writings of travelers who have crossed the Alborz that these types of crossings are very attractive to me. Cities and crossroads, climatic and socio-cultural differences along the way and possibly historical attractions along the way are special experiences of traveling through Alborz..
From Qazvin to the northern plain along the Caspian Sea, there have been different routes in the past. Last year in June, we had the route of Qazvin, Anbouh, Kalisham, Jaliseh, Imam, Khasil Dasht and at the end of Amlash, and in August, we passed the route of Qazvin, Alamut, Pich Ben, Selj Anbar and three thousand Tonekabon.. But this year, too, my heart was stained for a different path with the beginning of Qazvin and the end of Eshkorat.

Places we had never traveled before and were full of excitement and curiosity. The search started and good information on the http blog://I got He is a cyclist and has made various trips on this route from Qazvin. The beautiful pen and their photos brought us to this region of Iran in September 1999.

We made the trip by car and in two days we traveled the route of approximately 180 km from Qazvin to Rahimabad..

The first passage: From Qazvin to Hir, eager to visit western Alamut

Barahin is a place to hang out with friends. We are two cars and a total of eight people. Of course, one of them is Sahand Kouchak, who is now touring Iran on foot, and the friends we have traveled with for years..
I have almost no idea about a nightclub, but in my mind they are suitable for Hir or Viar. Search the internet for interesting content such as blueberry orchards, valleys and beautiful mountains… You realize that it really is. Hair means fire.

Near Shahroud river
Perspectives on Razmian and Hir Gardens
Shahroud river near Razmian
Razmian Farms
Route sign in Razmian

After about 45 km, it goes to the valley “Anymore”We arrived, and the first sight, as usual, made us stop and watch. On the other side of Shahroud was the city of Razmian, Razmian is the center of western Alamut.
It was almost noon when we arrived in Razmian and had a short stop to shop. Razmian also had a gas station and could be refueled for this relatively long trip. Razmian is right next to Shahroud. The green paddy fields had given a beautiful look to the outskirts of Shahroud. The heat at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in Razmian left no choice but to rise. The road to Hir 10 km was completely steep uphill. We wanted to see Lambser Castle, but the time was very bad. Soon we decided to go to Hir and after lunch and rest and sightseeing in the village, to see Lambser go down in the evening.. We were on our way to Hir when we stopped next to a pickup truck that we thought was from Hir.. We inquire a little and ask a good place to spend in Hir. Gave the address of a spring. The auxiliary address was vague and I understand it is difficult to find. He also gave the address of the school at the entrance of the village. When we got close to the school, he had reached behind us and guided us again, being careful not to go the wrong way, and he would not be comfortable until we were fully settled in his area.. I asked their last name. He said, "I am Hesami.". Mr. Hesami had a house nearby. He handed over our work to the caretaker first. The caretaker also greeted us with a container full of blueberries. Beneath the school porch was a cool, well-groomed shadow overlooking the Rocky Mountains. The whole village was under our control. As soon as you slept in the sun, we fell into the hair. A steep dirt road led us to the center of Hir. It had a beautiful view on some of the roofs where the blueberries were spread out in the sun.

Hair's view from near the school
Beautiful rocks of Hir
The old texture of Hir village
No Description
Hir village wall

Ms. Amina was sitting behind the stairs with a load to get tired. He was telling my wife Mahsa: Take a picture of me. How cheerful he was and how much energy he gave us in that very short minutes.

We started talking to Mr. Ghasemi, another resident on the way. was saying: Farhangi is retired and lives in Qazvin and goes to their vacation home here. We asked how to get to the river. He showed us a way. But at the bottom of the valley slope had to go back and forth it took time and maybe then we would not reach Lambser Castle. Mr. Ghasemi said they were drying blueberries that had fallen to the ground and selling the tree to Tehran..

An old building with a wooden facade in Hir

Mr. Ghasemi ٢ also joined us. He showed us an old shop that had been closed for more than 40 years. Interesting and old shelving. Mr. Ghasemi 2 said that everything could be found in this shop. From car and tractor spare parts to home and groceries.

These scenes were repeated in every alley
Old shop and closed hair
Inside that old shop
Blueberry tree
Huge walnut tree in Hir

We followed the clock. We wanted to be near Razmian in Lambser Castle before sunset. We go downhill for about twenty minutes to park in an unmarked place where there is an abandoned building.. We followed the narrow path to the east of the road, which also had a gentle slope, until after 30 minutes and within 1.2 km, we reached the remains of the castle of the Ismaili era.. Now the sunset and the plain of Razmian next to Shahroud were our vision. In the dark, we returned to Hir to camp outside the school.

Unfortunately, Lambser Castle sign
Mysterious view of Lambser
On the way to Lambser Castle.
Lambser Castle and the heartwarming moments of Shahrivar sunset
Secrets of Lambser
Our Hero Camp School

The second passage: From hay to sorghum, from blueberries to hazelnuts

It was morning and we hurried to the next land after breakfast. In general, when you are unplanned, you do not benefit from the transit areas. I said this about Viar that we passed him and we could not touch him and finally here(ویار) The asphalt was finished and 20 km of soil was waiting for us on the other side of the mountains. We had to cross the whole pass on the way.

Near the neck between Hir to Separdeh
Track near the deposit
Scenes of Eshkor Olya
Eshkoor Olya

This road connects the two provinces of Qazvin, Mazandaran and Gilan and may be asphalted in the future. It was in good condition early on the steep path. That is, the curves and slopes had been corrected, and a roller would hit there, and we would bite with confidence.. After a while, everything was over and we had a bit of a backdrop challenge in some uphills and the route was not interesting. There was no choice and we wanted to travel to reach Eshkorat. The soil and dryness of the nature of Shahrivar and the high altitude had nothing special to show until we finally passed the whole pass at an altitude of 2700 meters.. The road is passable in the dry season, but the quality was not good in some places. But our Pride went up everywhere with power!!

Little by little, Eshkoor vegetables and Caspian climate appeared. The road on the deposited side was relatively smoother. Finally, after a long journey, we reached the village of Separdeh at an altitude of 1900 meters. A man and a woman were returning from the garden with a bag full of sugar. We asked is it for sale? The answer was yes. We weighed in the shop and each of the children bought a little. The cash challenge was also resolved.

The scenery of Eshkor Olya is higher than Separdeh
On the deposit route
Deposit prospect
Separdeh village
Fresh hazelnuts are the product of deposited orchards
Separdeh village

It was the best opportunity for me to go and find the engine oil and pour it on the poor Pride engine, whose sealing bowl leaked badly.. Working human beings are everywhere. Mr. Abbas Kiai had 350 shops in Separdeh, and the shops there are all small. I dropped the can of engine oil, what should I do now because I do not spill all of it now. He did not hesitate, quickly opened the can for me and poured it into an empty soda bottle..

The third passage: Meet the pristine and beautiful Mej Falls in the heart of Mount Eshkorat

It was noon and it was a little hot and we had no other plans for the deposit. At the suggestion of our companion Soheil, who had already come to Eshkorat, we went to the waterfall of Mej village. Mage was a detour. To get to Meij, we took a not so interesting 6 km side dirt road until we reached Meij. There were a few crossroads, but offline As always, he was our helper.

When we first arrived, we had to park the car and it did not continue. We walked for about half an hour until the waterfall happened on the other side of the valley. We spread the lunch table on a sloping ground. The shadow worked a miracle. The route above the village, which was Malraux, was as crowded as transit. The farms raised the manure, and some of the farms lowered the forage from the stems and leaves of the beans.. In general, I did not find a very suitable place for lighting and nightmares. There was also an Imamzadeh that could not be taken by car. But the waterfall was beautiful and I think it was worth tilting the path. The waterfall had a view and it was not possible to get too close to it, or to put it another way, the view was better. We went back to the car. The water was cut off. An eco-tourist was in the middle of the mage but had no intention of staying. It was past 6 pm when we reached the end of the road.

May Falls

The fourth passage: From Upper Eshkor to Lower Eshkor.

Khaki took a lot of time from us. The end of the program was Janat Rudbar. That is, a little further on in the village of Tamal Tomol, we had to go a long dirt road to the pass and then to Jannat Rudbar.. It was about 65 km long and a large part of it was unknown in quality and throughput. At the beginning of the road work, we saw that Nissan blew up and came back. We neglected him because night was near and we did not know his way. The decision was made to Rahimabad and then to Ramsar and Janat Rudbar. From Sparde onwards, the road was good, then it was asphalted, and the road was asphalted until Rahimabad. We checked the lands of Taml a lot and could not find a pleasant place for the camp. It was a little lower than Taml, a few residences with a view of the beautiful valley of Eshkor Olya, but it was not a part and we left at night to enter Rahimabad a little from last night.. Late road was crowded and of poor quality due to repairs. Eshkorat was a large and densely populated area with high traffic. There was also a small tunnel on the Rahimabad route to reach Garmabdasht. It is a pity that we did not cross the road during the day. One of the side roads went to Matlakooh, which we crossed last year during our trip from Qazvin to Amlash..

Finally, tired and exhausted, we arrived at the silent Rudbar Paradise at 1 in the morning, when the electricity was off, and wondered where to go.!!!

And it was the end of the passage of Alborz Qazvin to Rahimabad.

A summary of Qazvin to Rahimabad:

  • The road to Viar is paved and from Viar to Separdeh Khaki is not very desirable. From Separdeh to Rahimabad, except for Separdeh exit, there is asphalt everywhere.
  • The route of Mij village is completely dirt with a length of 6 km.
  • Due to the limited facilities of the villages, it is preferable to have your needs with you. There is almost everything you want in Razmian.
  • Due to the remote access to the areas, be sure of the health of your car and its spare.
  • There is a gas station in Razmian and there are more shops.
  • By talking to the locals, try to learn more about the culture and history of each place.
  • There is a residence in Mej.
  • Hare School has a suitable space for camping.

To get acquainted with the route and details of the way, be sure to download the gps file wikiloc Consider the insert.

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    What matters to me is the road. We are from Yasour village of Upper Eshkor. We always go from Tehran to Qazvin, Rasht, Rudsar Eshkor. I have heard a lot about this route and I would like to try it once, but considering that I am from there, I know that there is an Aphrodite road and my Ardi cannot climb there.. در کل ممنون بابت اطلاع رسانی تون 🙂

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you. خیلی آفرودی نیست. It is earthy and in many places its quality is good. Near Viar, the steep slope of the road is a bit rough

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      Greetings to you, from Viar to the top of the neck is high, the beginning is good but the quality decreases and in general the road is not very interesting but it is passable. It descends from the neck to the deposit and the soil quality improves. We passed with Pride.

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    very well . I wanted to go this way with Pride. But that 20 kilometers of dirt put a lot of stress on me.

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    Hello..I went on this road this summer, August 16, 1400. It is very good and excellent, it can be used easily with Pride..

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    Hello, good morning, I went from Qazvin to Eshkorat this year, that is, in 1400, twice with my wife and children. Many people said do not go, the road is not good. I went very easily..I think it will be difficult to go with Samand, just near the road deposit, it is a bit ruined, of course, it is downhill…God willing, I will go again until the summer of 1401 episodes…

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    Hello to all dear and nature lovers, good luck and happiness
    I have traveled with Pride hatchback car several times from Alamut to Rahimabad and Alamut to 3,000 Tonekabon and vice versa since 2010 and thank God I have not had any particular problem so far.. I plan to drive to Eshkorat next to Jannat Rudbar next year in the summer of 1401, but I do not have much information about the condition of the road and that it is possible to go with Pride. Call me at 09126632305. Sincerely thank you tribe

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      Peace be upon you, dear tribe. We did not go from paradise to Rudbar and I do not know the quality of this route. From Viar to Separdeh is only on a steep slope, otherwise it was passable everywhere.

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    Hello all dear friends..please friends who cross this road this year, the path of Razmian to Eshkoor…Write to me from the route whether the road is good or not .. Last year it was divided twice, I went with my family, but this year in 1401 I have not gone yet. Friends who die from this road and inform about the condition of the road..If there are friends who are from Razmian and this route and die, give a number so that we can go and ask them about the condition of the road..Thank you for the cooperation of dear friends.

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    Dear friends, if anyone has crossed Razmian Road until the deposit of 1401 this year, please inform me about the status of the information route. I will go to Eshkoor. Last year, it was divided twice..

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    Hello, have a good time, sorry, is the route to Leushkan closed? Or did it show the wrong block in the map? In the map, Yazen, Temel and Kit have shown the route to go to Ashkorat ..
    Is this the right way?

  17. Mohammad Rezashiri says:

    May God bless you for giving encouragement to a person. Greetings to all tourists, with love, Mohammad Reza Shiri, Qazvin.

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    I went with Pride ride, I can help you. You wanted information, Mohammad Reza

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    Hello, dear friends. Regarding the condition of the road, I must say that the road is good. I went to Ashkorat from the Qazvin road on the day of Tasua this summer. It was good. I go twice a year. This is the correct address.:Qazvin highway, after the toll road near Azad University, turn right at Razmian Barajin sign. Continue on the road until Razmian, after that, towards Hir village and Viar village, continue until Viar, the asphalted road after Viar to Spardeh is 23 km long, Khakieh road, just after a There is a 4-meter-long turn on the road up and down. From Sparde, you enter Leshkan village. Leshkan is an asphalt road.

    • Afra group says:

      Dear Mohammad Rezai, Thank you for the latest update regarding Viar to Ashkorat road. I hope it will be used by all those who intend to travel through this route.

  21. MR. says:

    Hello dear friends, I went from Razmian, Hir and Viar villages to Ashkorat 3 times. Does anyone know of another route that goes from Qazvin to Kilishm that goes to Ashkorat. Thank you. This is my number 09126423702

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    Warm Greetings
    Yours truly, Garm Reza from Qazvin
    I went through these routes several times, but you explained it really correctly and accurately, I really appreciate it

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    Hello, the distance between Viar and Sparde is really bad. I went with Roniz. I was annoyed

    • Afra group says:

      Hello, thank you for your message. Some places were broken, but we passed with Pride and 5 people, and except for the beginning of the route towards Viar, the rest of the route was fine..

  24. Mustafa says:

    سلام من و دوستم قصد داریم پیاده از هیر به رودسر برویم
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      سلام، مسیری که ما طی کردیم با ماشین بود از مسیر هیر، ویار، سپارده، تمل، گرماب و رحیم آباد

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