Lefort or Sklim River limestone waterfall(Northern Savadkuh, Mazandaran Province)

Jungle trekking along with water coolness has many synonyms in Hyrcanian jungles, and the Sklim limestone waterfall in Lefebvre is one of the best options for this trip.. A trip to the depths of the forest with a shallow river and walking and sports is something to be expected from this dream trip.

This river must be crossed over and over again along the limestone waterfall

Our trip took place in July 1999. We thought it was very hot, and it was, because it was about 33 degrees in Shirgah..

Before we reached Lefebvre, because the sun was shining down and Shirgah, I was thinking what to do with this sun and the heat and sunshine that I can not stand at all, especially since we were in the camp at night.. Until we reached a place where the weather was completely different.
Turning on Lefebvre Road and continuing along the Talar River(Babelrod) Little by little, we came to places that had been privately owned by places along the river! And had created suites in an enclosed area by the river, allowing them to stay for a fee.. It seemed suitable for camping and there was no other option.

Although Babolrud had traveled a long way under the sun, it was icy as you stepped on it, and the wind that rose from the river was so cool that it completely broke the heat of the air, and at the same time as the wind was from the river, it was as if The air conditioner was on. Tube riding in the river was relatively prosperous in Babolrood and the same owners of these residences rented it..
In the evening, we went to the lake of Alborz Dam or Lefour and in the sultry weather, we patrolled the surrounding plains in the village of Galesh..

Babolrud, Lefort, Summer
Morning, cool weather near Babolrood in July
Sultry evening in July next to Lefort Dam in Galesh Kola lands
The entrance of Galesh Kola village, the beginning of the march to Esklim limestone waterfall
Imamzadeh building is very beautiful in Galesh Kola
An old and beautiful house in Galesh Kola
Alborz Dam wall view

In the morning, without any special hurry, after breakfast omelet, we went to Galesh Kola with the intention of Esklim limestone waterfall.. The morning sun promised the warmth of low-lying forests.
In July, the weather in the forest was windy, but we tried to cross the path to the waterfall as fast as we could.. It took us about two hours to reach the waterfall. It was around noon and it was a good day to see some acquaintances there.

The beginning of the Sklim limestone waterfall route
The forest path of the limestone waterfall
Beautiful forest path to Esklim limestone waterfall
This bridge is almost at the end of the route.

On the way back, we had lunch by a wooden bridge over the river, and then it started to rain, and one of the most unique days of the forest fell in July. شد.

View of the beautiful limestone waterfall of Esklim. Be careful not to damage the ponds.
Specific shape of sediments in the Sklim waterfall
Sedimentary ponds of limestone waterfall
We arrived almost on a busy day and the waterfall was full of tourists. Abtani tempted everyone in the hot summer region. Due to the tourist pressure in this area and the high tendency to go under the waterfall, which consequently has to pass through the walls of the ponds, it will probably lead to deformation and destruction.. Please do not enter the waterfall area with shoes.

Tips on the route:
After entering Galesh, go uphill to the right and then go downhill to reach the parking lot..
The pedestrian path starts by crossing the river and the path is parallel to the river in Pakoob and it is necessary to cross the river about 20 times and in some places getting wet shoes is inevitable.. The river is low in water in summer and its wetness is pleasant. It is better to walk either with sandals or light ketones.
From the parking lot to the limestone waterfall, the route is smooth in most places and is about eight kilometers. At the end of the trail is a slightly steep trail. It takes two to three hours to reach the waterfall and the same amount to return.
We did not see a spring along the way, but I heard that there is a spring around the waterfall.
When visiting the waterfall, be careful not to damage the sedimentary ponds. Avoid stepping into the pool with shoes. There is little space near waterfalls and ponds, and you should be careful in crowded and slippery areas..

The height of Sklim limestone waterfall is about 600 meters above sea level and Galesh is 300 meters above sea level..

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