Duplan(Ardal, Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari)

Village Duplan(Dvplvn) Functions Ardal city in the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari is located in one of the beautiful Zagros. And the proximity of the intersection of the most important and high-Btryn Sabzkouh with Iran, the Karun River(Here to Beheshtabad known, little is known ahead of this goes to Armand) There is a beautiful Dvplvn. These waters come together at one point and go to Caron to build more high water.

Duplan village on a rainy day New Year

Dvpvlvn 1450 meters above sea level. Duplan is one of natural beauty in the beauty of the canyon at the bottom of the current Caron. When you look at the top of the valley as if the stone is cut too flat and it is beyond imagination. Around the village like the rest of the Zagros cache oak forests are the natural landscapes it adds.

The remnants of the old bridge wire
Nomadic cable bridge in the picture

To Dvpvlvn should be put forward to the province of Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari. If you're heading toward Tehran and Isfahan Isfahan route Borujen-Boldaji during which it is possible to see wetland or the route Isfahan-Kord-Shalamzar to Dvplvn that the second route is slightly shorter. Dvpvlvn distance of 100 kilometers from the provincial capital Shahr. If you need to track the path of Khuzestan way Dehdez-Karvn4-wheat chose.

The old truss bridge that while road traffic has led to Khuzestan to Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari.

Appellation Dvpvlvn to two important bridges to cross the rivers in this area has been. The old cable-stayed bridge over the canyon Caron(Beheshtabad water or employee) See also inundated Is. Jdydtrkhrpayy bridge and old, but also for their ability to travel by car. , And the location near the old bridge cable(Wired) Installed.

Construction of pedestrian suspension bridge on Karun Valley tourism boom is here. Another feature of the bridge is bungee jumping and the natural height more than 70 meters is very Mhyjsh.

Duplan suspension bridge
Cable suspension bridge and scenic Duplan
Nice tight in the region Duplan

Little is known about the Karun River:

Karun River 780 kilometers long and its slope bed, because in mountain areas and in plain areas of almost one percentage point less than one percent. Upstream of the river's water flow Beheshtabad and to get to the point to Armand also known BAZOFT.

Karun River Bridge on Duplan. Here's the confluence of the Karun's mountains green water.

Water(River) Sabzkouh get to know:

Sabzkouh of the branches of Karun River, which flows south of the city center Ardal. Claire mountains at an altitude of 3490 located about 38 km southeast of Ardal comes. Wide for settlements, overeating, Hyderabad, Chehrazi, too, a new ten up and down, the liquor made Rvdarv and Duplan, finally Karun River flows. Supply of precipitation and river flows in the general direction of the South East to North West. Along the river, 52 km, average gradient of 2% and in the context of carbonate and bicarbonate sulfate sporadic and discontinuous flows.

Source: Rivers State Gazetteer, published by the Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Geographical Organization
Panorama Duplan-click to see the photos to enlarge.

Our arrival in Dupolon coincided with a cold and rainy night on Nowruz We were desperately looking for Nowruz accommodation in schools and were lucky enough to stay in DuPolon boarding school was provided with good and clean facilities.

Spring landscape near Duplan
Spring landscape near Duplan
Zagros beautiful scenery near Duplan

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