Woods and his goth Springs(Heather, Mazandaran)

Name all learned heather heather beautiful bridge, a masterpiece of railway throws on top of Mt.. But Warsak village in addition to the important railway attractions, natural attractions and tourism can be introduced as a stand-alone destination. There is a beautiful waterfall in the forest and eyes narrowed and his goth forest near the village and the peaks of the beautiful attractions that Heather has filled attractions.

The springs of Saran got him (In Mazandaran called big or large water) It has created a lot of beautiful atmosphere inside the forest.
The means of transportation of our journey is the train, it is enjoyable and all the sights of the route can be enjoyed. The train arrives near Versailles at 1850, but at this altitude it is not practical to Versailles.. It goes into the tunnel and goes away from Versk towards the three gold lines and comes the way twice again and goes up to 200 meters down at a level of 1650 meters and almost enters the tunnel and Versk bridge and again with a long tunnel and crossing Under the riverbed, it crosses Firoozkooh road and calms down at Versk station.
This gorge and the waterfall at the end of it is one of the natural attractions of Versailles. Versk waterfall report has been awaited on the blog before.
Tomb of Walter Eigner, Austrian engineer Diploma of Versailles Bridge construction, buried in front of this beautiful bridge. This cemetery is in the village of Versk.
View of the beautiful and technical bridge of Versk from inside the gorge leading to Versk waterfall
Our stay in Versailles was in a house near the railroad and the train option was the easiest and cheapest vehicle possible..
Walk along the rails and the endless view of the Versailles Bridge(End of photo) It is one of the fascinating parts of this trip.
To reach the Get, he had to take a dirt and uphill road west of Versailles. The road is easily passable for all rides. It is 5 km from Versk to here.
The first meeting with Cheshmeh Saran Get him
Infinitely beautiful river in the heart of the forest is one of the important attractions of this area.
The forests here, like other parts of Iran's forests, are very relaxing.
Vegetation on the forest floor
There is life everywhere in the forest. Be careful where we stand.
Forest vegetation
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Contrary to the water as you climb, it takes about 20 minutes to reach the source.
The slope of the path to the spring is not very high and the path is clear. In the direction of water
Unfortunately and unfortunately arson with forest resources in sensitive ecosystems… For cooking kebabs! Alas
Interesting tree designs here
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The shade of the forest trees is safe for relaxation
There is a large bed near the source of the earth
Towards the source of his gait
The source of his gut
From the source of his Get to the west, we go to another river for about 5 minutes.
This was the second river in this area which was very beautiful and eye-catching.
And the last image of the noon walk in the forests of Versailles

To get acquainted with the geographical location and route of the GPS file Donate Placed.

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