Amlash of Qazvin, in the course of the Safavid(Qazvin and Gilan)

Tread the old path and relatively long for crossing the Alborz, one of the attractions of traveling in Iran. Climate Change and ethnicity, in particular along the path of the beauties of Qazvin is Amlash. This report is a summary of the four-day trip on the route, in late spring and an introduction to further visits and a better understanding of the Gilan.

Beautiful sunset Khoseyl Dasht

The first episode: Qazvin Niaq

The Episode must put affection. Thanks a lot Niaq night of our people and the memory of Sweet was etched in our minds. Of June 98. Hours of last 22. The route map at application (MAPS.ME mobile Habitual) We easily got free of Qazvin road. Our first night destination Camping along the beautiful cliffs Niaq. Free way to accessory head Niaq almost 9 Km and we pass along the path of Ismail Abad. Near the exit Niaq Empty rear wheel broke our silence the voice of our old patrol. Tired And Sleepy high-traffic route were Karaj. What I tear puncture the tires on Asphalt on the first day of the trip we did not expect at this time of night. طولی نکشید که لاستیک کاملا خوابید و ما کاملا خوابمان پرید 😉

In the darkness of the night was a disaster and was replaced by wheels. Sub Niaq was very quiet, maybe that's no problem at all when he saw a car pass and went. We were working ocher Niaq Akbraqa who was living in Qazvin was going to Niaq and from the beginning we would love to sink. After much insistence that Mabyayyd home and we did not, suggested that Mr. Abbas take our coffee is better to stay the night that really was great. Cafe just below the cliffs and spectacular is Niaq. He did not find a path to follow so that no one went to the cafe got dark place. Short dirt road was inappropriate. Mr Abbas and the lights turned on and the night was a new. Very soon we became friends and we chatted hours and we forget all about it. The reasons for naming Niaq said that both are not Yaqy. Mr Abbas freshly brewed tea in the middle of the night and grabbed account.

Us encouragement that we need to go back to Qazvin and a cumbersome rubber bother our residents will take and you know he's working people and for many years was a heavy car driver. Nothing is better than it was for us and we kept getting back on track. So we had a good feeling that was one of the best nights in my travels. Together with friends, the pair were in the bed of coffee in the morning was a beautiful night. Although the June weather was cool and stuck Niaq very pleasant and if you wear a deflector. I went with the morning sun on the beautiful cliffs Niaq. It was very strange, like a smooth dome and climbed steep and some were hard Jahaysh. Visibility was good Niaq.

Ivan tea Niaq
Ivan tea Niaq Mr Abbas café owner 09190457383
A bit like a crocodile
No Description
Rock Niaq
Zkhrh steep climb makes it difficult.
Niaq prospects over the cliff
Beautiful and strange rock Niaq

Episode II: The Niaq the valley anymore, Mass, Kelishami, Lake Khlshkvh

Close to noon Niaq took to the road and we continue northward. It was uphill path. Zhrgah was in the area at an altitude of about 2100 m not feeling the heat. Alulak and passed the coffee Kamsar. Along the way, but parts of it to Kamsar dirt road for every car passing. Continue downhill steepness that anymore(Be anymore) leads. Khosrud downhill villages, Dastjerd, Kangarin and Tian Dasht is located and slowly forward to seeing beautiful bridge anymore on our mass Safavid.

Dirt road near Kamsar
Dirt road near Kamsar
On the track anymore

Here A height of 700 meters above sea level on your side of the heat anymore. Anymore Flowers are seething and dense ornamental garden. Their large village 10 Kylvmtrbalatr from here and we'll pass it along the way. Steep uphill and bolt Bolt was difficult to patrol a little tired but it happened in the distant mass show. To Rusty clump, clump of trees and water and blessed. Area beautiful mosque mass Cool place to rest and spend a lunch and stop to take in the air Khstgyman. During A collection of old cars Dvdyfransyl path crossed with different colors. Each Sometimes categories motorcyclist or cyclist crossed the. This path, the path of return Spring is unique tours. Most of Khlshkvh and then take the crowbar. Mass, There are beautiful houses. Mass, away from main roads and It's fascinating to me sour.

Mass pomegranates
On arrival at the prospect of its mass
Mass Mosque
The prospect of mass village at the exit of the village, it is clear Mosque.
Mass Village
Mass Village

Our intention is Shbmany lakeside Khlshkvh. The mass should be taken out and uphill dirt. 5 km after the road is asphalt road to the Nawa, Kharehpu and Jirandeh is it going to Kelishami one of the earth that we have to Kelishami we need is to trough let the quality of roads is very interesting is not. Along the route to transport gas piping contractor seen. Kelishami short of the cross and the way we Khlshkvh in West Kelishami. Khlshkvh Kelishami approximately 5 km away with the dirt road, but good. Tail set temperature is reached the lake Khlshkvh. Khlshkvh 2000 meters above sea level and the weather pleasant. The lake is full and round the tent and much too dark to say goodbye to the lake.

The prospect Kelishami
Lake Khlshkvh
More travelers are coming from the Damash and Deylaman.
Khlshkvh pleasant weather in spring and summer nights stay good marks.
Khlshkvh pleasant weather in spring and summer nights stay good marks.
Khlshkvh lake at night

Learn more about mass Bridge:

Paul Mass

about Paul praised the doctor massive brick monuments except the eight wonders of Gilan knows. All water under the bridge that spans it anymore of passes.

The old way of Qazvin crowbar and Branch or Eshkevarat and Amlash and Rahim Abad rankoohi goes, that's a huge bridge near the village of-the mass- This name is known. This way of Qazvin Ismail Abad and Alulak and Dastgerd and Kyngyryn and Chenarak comes after crossing the bridge anymore water mass that has been divided into two main branches of the:

راهی که از بالای باغ های پل انبوه به دهکده انبوه و نیاوک و کمنی و سرداب دره و سایر دهکده های اشکور می رود و دنباله این راه به رحیم آباد رانکوه می رسد. راهی دیگر که بر دست چپ است، از سفید پشته که سربالایی بسیار تند و تیزی است بالا می رود و از سیاه تله و سیاه آب و گردنه اواخان به دهکده بزرگ کلیشم می رسد.

Paul massively short of the crater, which is composed of two mountain muzzle, on feet. The day Mount arm connected to each other and cut it anymore water. Stone left the muzzle to come to the water's edge, is composed of layers of rock. The main foundation stones of the bridge on the local Badbr. The stone wall height of 230 cm. Mortar and mortar jointing stone base is. The bridge is over fifteen meters. On the basis of twenty vessels arranged and brick main building bridges with little retreat, it is based on. Bridge parapet height from the edge of the water level 18. 8 m. Parapet height of two meters in some places a little less or a little more is. The revolving bridge width, 790 cm and regardless of the turret, seven meters all. Level Bridge paving and grouting it is riddled with chalk.

From Astara to Esther Abad, Volume II, page 5, 1350

The bridge was known in the family of two brothers and sisters have made kings Gilan. They in Qazvin, who at the time was the center of government, were followed. Qazvin fled and went out of this way to Deylaman. He was on the way to the river anymore. خواهر خود را به آب زد تا به دست مخالفان نیفتند و برادران نیز به دنبال او به آب زدند و هر سه تن سالم از آب بیرون آمدند. John the ordeal to be put in mounts build a bridge over water. Many bridges in the territory of Mazandaran and I saw Pylan. None of the bridge height is not massively. The art and skill of the architect is that all the water out from under an arch way is anymore.

From Astara to Esther Abad, Volume II, page 9, 1350

Episode III: Lake Khlshkvh to Khoseyl Dasht

Khlshkvh triangular lake and its environment is almost 1,000 meters. To get here, we can also come from Damash Jirandeh and Kharehpu. Hot summer we experience the morning sun, around the lake and then we go to eat breakfast in the little shade car. Kelishami had to go back to the shops to buy gasoline and the way we Jlys·h kingdom.

Camping is popular around the lake Khlshkvh.
Mother and son walking around the lake Khlshkvh

From here there are various routes to Amlash. We chose the path of Kelishami, dirt road to the north side “Tvrar” is. A little steep, but also can easily ride over the route, but usually not one of Kelishami. Often go to the Deylaman. Approximately 5 km after building Azklyshm Imam Ibrahim(Tvrar) is. This is an interesting old building. Continue downhill path and is. Jlys·h that we have to get to the asphalt road.
Part of the report of the doctor praised the building of the shrine in the written:

Sir Syed Ibrahim bin Musa Al Imam mausoleum or shrine Tvrar over the mountaintop Tvrar

The Tomb of the building is rectangular and circular dome over the high mountain at 260 degrees in the south of the South West's top Firoozkooh said and shown around. Azly monument in the south and the two sides and arches like on top of the podium in. Dusko both sides of the aisle is paved with stone graves. The left side of the southern facade, a staircase that goes to the roof and sides of the Taqnmayy Rastayn that have symmetry. The roof is composed of two parts. Push the middle of the dome is round and beat around the dome. Building materials, brick and plaster. The two trees that stand in front of the old van horn antelope and cow corner(= Taurotragus- deer) Who had previously beaten them today, some of them in their bark is. Residents of villages around the monument at the entrance to the high value they attach, neither old nor frequent errors in the text of its capacity, and seen.

Azastara to Astarābād. Volume II. Page 36.
Imam Ibrahim(Tvrar)
Imam Ibrahim(Tvrar)
In the course of Jlys·h
Beautiful pond near Tvrar
In the course of Jlys·h

We constantly low altitude and Chmchal, Mlamhlh, Pir Kuh-e Olya and we pass the floor mastic. And here we are on the bridge of the river valley floor is 1,000 meters high. We move along the river valley. Here it is possible to track “Fanciers” We skipped it and went to the kingdom of our way.

River Bridge near Bonn land
Pir Kuh-e Olya
Green Gilan cement plant

The valley rises up high with a twist in the kingdom at an altitude of 1400 m delighted. Total height of the cool air of welcome. In 1398 the kingdom petrol station has started and this is good news for the area. Noon and restaurant have more diverse food cravings query diverted to the black Khelek are going our way and then we Motla Kuh way. Restaurant was acceptable, and after lunch the way back, come up to the imam as a way to go and we Khoseyl Dasht. It should be noted that the main route and better than the Motla Kuh and Kjyd and Tmajan going on, but we have to see his crooked path. Imam Road, but since then has hardly earth. In his desire to guide all the way to the heights we see centuries-old route to finally reach a dirt road Tmajan to Khoseyl Dasht.
Doctor praised about his desire as reported:

Imam Mill on the hill near Svmasrh(= Somesara)
In cultural geography is written below about the desire:
(از آثار ابنیه قدیم برجی در ۵۰۰ متری شمال خاوری قصبه روی تپه ای به نام صومعه سرا که ارتفاع آن در خدود ۷ متر است و بقایای ابنیه قدیمی از قبیل آجر، سفال و غیره، در گذشته قبوری شبیه قبور زردشتیان مشاهده شده است. The possibility that this was a temple tower and the tower of the tower may be news to most parts of the country.. Two small farm called Sara and singing two or three households has permanent residents and is located close to the Imam steep, but the borough.)
What is behind this desire is as follows:
In the east, the village imam at a distance in a straight line, about one kilometer, on the summit of a rocky and dusty bars of rubble and plaster based. There is a little on the cone shape of the cylindrical shaft. The height of the bar circumference 660 cm and out of a field of 14 meters. 2 m and a diameter of 140 cm at the top of the wall of the same height of 114 cm and a diameter of one meter into the ground, 155 cm. In parallel beams at a height of 190 cm on the ground floor of the building that is now one of them worked there. This H-beam diameter was 12 cm. It also turns out the remaining beams. The arch height of 70 cm in the Taq Taq third two-meter height of the second vault was. It is likely that the tower is collected and water was on its way from the outside. Currently, more than a meter high have ruined it. On the exterior with white gypsum coarser sieve and had to be visible from a distance. The tower must not only towers Help.

Azastara to Astarābād. Volume II. Page 358.
Imam's path Khoseyl Dasht
See Mill Village Imam Imam
Mill Imam
Mill Imam
His desire to see the scenic north to south
In the course of Khoseyl Dasht
In the course of Khoseyl Dasht

Smooth and beautiful lawn and a sheep big house. 2100 m height and unique air. Before flowing and 7 km later we stopped at the residence Khoseyl Dasht. We are overlooking a huge valley and the area where we set up camp. Very crowded and some are there for an overnight stay and some age to stay. Sunset Valley is close to the cloud and that is a very romantic view. Coffee houses and villas Khoseyl Dasht good places to rest and spend holidays. Cook, sunset cruise around the rest of the day, we had a quiet camp at an altitude of 1800 meters is our home. We chatted with people and getting inside their homes feared snake in Tmajan. I could hardly persuade him that killing is not a solution.

In the course of Khoseyl Dasht
Sunset Khoseyl Dasht
Sea Cloud phenomenon extremely beautiful countryside at sunset.
Just sit and watch
Sunset moments in Khoseyl Dasht
Paintings of nature

The last episode: The Khoseyl Dasht to AMLASH

Like Slight shadow in the morning for breakfast we had in the countryside savanna. Today downhill And descend to the plains and the heat and humidity had pulled expectation. But Well no way. From “Holly Plains” Approximately 500 meters from the location last night was inferior The time passed . Holly plain in a few rooms for rent there. Screws in a row We Balakhrh asphalt road in the woods and up the river and “Bolur Dokan” Was. Here the remains of the house and saw the old bridge. And protect the wound from Zyalh here Eaten.

Holly plains en route to Bolur Dokan
Paul Bolur Dokan
Paul Bolur Dokan

 the doctor In this regard, it is commendable entries:

چندین فرسنگ از این راه در زمان شاه عباس اول ساخته و مرمت شد و پل عظیمی از آجر بر رودخانه املش نزدیک بلوردکان زدند و در همین محل کاروانسرای عظیمی به سبک کاروانسراهای گیلان ساختند.

From Astara to Esther Abad. Volume II

The road to the summer resorts and Khoseyl Dasht plain Holly was busy and a height of 250 meters Here. 15 km later at the heart of our transition from Alborz Amlash and we ended up at this point.. با پرس و جو قصد دیدن خانه قدیمی صوفی ها در املش را داشتیم که متاسفانه امکانش نبود و مالکینش اجازه ندادند.

A city view in Amlesh

For a better understanding of GPS file path Donate Get.

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