Yew forest(Ali Abad Branch, Golestan)

Fall again…
Fall forest Hyrcanian this time we are talking about a new name and a unique species of woods that fall although it is ineffective, but among the autumn trees and leaves forest planners, will Mania. This beautiful northern slopes of the Alborz, certain species of yew tree that is the nature of Iran.

Just fall, forest and other no. These two words are insane mingle. Golestan province has been suggested that a way to see the beautiful nature of the region and especially yew tree go.

Black Road ROODBAR

After a night's rest in Gorgan Branch and the way Aliabad-e're sweet road. Sweet 18 km of roads built over we left the road route is separated from the road.

Enjoy Fall

Mini road 1. 5 kilometers brings us to the village of Black ROODBAR. Black ROODBAR 800 meters from the sea. Cold wind blows lucky, but we do not have rain today.


Picturesque villages and farms black ROODBAR

Picturesque villages and farms black ROODBAR


Overlooking the area

Clouds come

From autumn to winter weary heart data

Few have meeting


Barberry and black ROODBAR

Spent the last

Black Village ROODBAR

Of forest

No Description

And hiss

Black ROODBAR Guest “F. Masoudi” Dear, yew forest ranger, but a good guide are black ROODBAR. Autumn evening to help regional Farhad way that mass yew trees here.

let's go

Enjoy the silence of nature

Forest roads around the village

Autumn sunset moments of silence occasionally broken by the sound of a woodpecker extremely enjoyable.

But Yew

To learn more about yew and its importance F. Masoudi has been quoted text.

Yew is and why is it important?

Yew Drkhtyst individual, the family of conifers with different properties .
این درخت متعلق به دوره ی سوم زمین شناسی و قبل از عصر یخبندان است که چیزی بیش از صدو نود میلیون سال پیش را شامل می شود و جزء گونه های انگشت شماریست که از دوره ی یخبندان جان سالم به در برده و تاکنون زنده مانده است. Vegetation elements and at the same time, industries that looks good and made good plays and, of course, extremely resistant to humidity and erosion which has caused Tanzr many people attracted and has caused the rest of its life seriously issues of face.

One Yew

Distribution of this tree, but in most parts of the world, or just a single base or small clumps included. And while in northern Iran limits its growth is vast, especially in the area of ​​Aliabad city and in the villages Syahrvdbar and Afratakhteh largest dungeons of the tree we see that not only in Iran, but also in the whole world an unparalleled it is considered an honor, value and capital Mlyst.

Its leaves

This tree is called a toxic substance or toxin toxins that process difficult and very expensive, and extract it from the tree to produce a substance called Taxol for the treatment of prostate and breast cancer, widely used.

The history is

Its fruit

Its trunk

In several European countries due to extensive growth in vitro tissue culture and its Yew Yew farms have been created to provide raw materials for the production of taxol, one of the most expensive European industries.

Green in autumn and winter

Yew wood extremely resistant to moisture and wear your colors and beautiful designs that this factor has been cut off and his destruction. In the past, due to the elasticity and strength of the Slingshot used should be able to make it.


رشد این درخت بصورت ده سانتی متر قدی و حدود یک میلیمتر قطری در سال است که بخاطر همین کند رشد بودن و دیرزی بودنش، با قطری کم، عمری بیش از هشتصد سال دارد که نمی توان در ظاهر درخت طولانی بودن عمرش را فهمید.تکثیرش بشدت it is difficult and rarely can be grown from seed. And now propagated by cuttings.

I am a yew

But the point is, Europeans spend billions of dollars to be artificially cultivated and used in the manufacture of anti-cancer drug, while we cut existing trees thousands of years old and with it, the hookah create cancer!!!


Due to indiscriminate felling and smuggling, now this storage limit is dwindling and no trace of it will remain for several years.. Come together in support of the capital and national pride.

F. Masoudi

About 4 years ago when the place of my service to the village” Black ROODBAR” And storage Yew change in appearance was something good for me, but it's actually a heavy responsibility on my shoulders was laid the sleep from my eyes. Because it was sensitive place and that relatives and close friends lived in this place and I have to keep part of the offense, should I stand in front of close friends and it was very difficult. In my first few months in this place, I realized that yew trees and are strongly attacked by the natives of substantially cut off. After coordination with the other partners in the Natural Resources Conservation Corps, a program was organized to be taken to prevent the indiscriminate felling. The few night raids and ambushes are frequent within a month we managed to identify and arrest of several drug traffickers that with the introduction of the judiciary, as well as for their massive crimes was approved. After that, the other was not prepared to do it and we're hoping to end these violations. But this was not everything and nothing has changed. Despite our insistence on conservation measures for the minimum night did still see the trees were cut and trafficking. Thus, after several days of investigation came to the conclusion that the problem elsewhere and treatment for this pain is something else. With this view, in the form of personal activity outside the scope of administrative tasks to the local people and all those involved in the felling yew discovered. Then the opportunity is right, every one of them spoke in an interview quite friendly, motivated them to do so I asked and they also see the friendly atmosphere and ensuring good servant, spoke and causes of action to cut down as they were smuggled into the yew. Spoken by all of them, there are two factors that had the greatest impact. A lack of awareness of the importance of yew and its important place in the scientific community and other global environmental and severe financial need due to poverty and lack of jobs. Most of them were also acknowledges that if arrested and fined ten again, we've also taken from our work and trafficking do not give up, because women and children are hungry at home and are not clothed. Seeing the situation, he went on thinking until I find a way to monetize their. To avoid cutting the yew, were not common tools and channels of legal action, if you will, certainly during this time worked and we need to see the results of it were. Therefore, should the latter was found and it was also creating jobs and source of income. Having reached this point, I went to them and after some small talk, all the people pledged as income, the other was not illegal and they will help protect forests.

No Description

Due to the great potential of the region in the field of tourism, could become one of the best tourist destinations of the country, but under the measures and comprehensive management and informed. Therefore, in consultation with several experts activist and expert in the field of tourism, especially ecotourism did, the result was that by creating an appropriate atmosphere to attract tourists and implementation of sustainable tourism in the region, both natives taught to take action to protect nature and create the jobs that the people engaging in it, you'll go off and trafficking yew trees. از طرفی نیز با معرفی این منطقه به عنوان مقصد گردشگری، تمامی طبیعت دوستان بتوانند به این منطقه آمده و از دیدن مناظر و مناطق دیدنی و جذاب آن لذت ببرند و تجربه ای کم نظیر را برای خود رقم بزنند .تجربه ای مانند حضور در میان انبوه yew trees less where it can be experienced.

David Fazaeli with F. Masoudi

Using this approach, ecology “Black Yew ROODBAR” Was set up to take the first steps to achieve these worthy goals. Asked Mlyst goals and interests in nature and all the honorable people of Iran.

And this alone is not possible and I've accepted that I'm lost alone. We need to help and support all my fellow citizens I. Yew belonging to a particular location and that all Iranians are involved and it belongs to the whole country . Thus helping hand here and ask for my help and I extend to all your loved ones, I hope that in this way, me and my friends to help.

From here are all dear friends who have been by my side and support me have sincerely thank.

No Description

No Description

What will help tourism yew?

Over the last few years, with a growing trend in tourism has taken. Therefore, it can be a bit of hope for the future. Therefore, as a way to earn it looked.

After the research was to determine the most important factor in trafficking and especially yew trees, unemployment and poverty. For many Indians the right to choose not to assign jobs. So bring on trafficking. However, good quality and high price for Yew has been set, it has provided a good market to sell that many people are tempted to smuggle.


Unfortunately, all efforts to protect the natural resources to avoid cutting these trees are doing, we are still seeing them cut fat. The way to save this valuable species, other than the current preservation methods.

Due to these reasons, we decided to extensive measures in order to create jobs and protect this special area before we went on to explain that discussed .

Lovely green

Syahrvdbar village has numerous cultural and natural potential that the country has become one of the most important tourism destinations. Yew forests, especially its existence because of exceptional circumstances that motivated it creates a lot of people to visit. But there is a problem and that the introduction of the woods and the influx of tourists to the area to visit that later led to the destruction of the. To prevent this from happening, predictable strategies that can help a lot to keep track area.


the details

The first step, the establishment of a kiosk checkpoint at the entrance to the forest road that will prevent the entry of all persons other than the indigenous forests and indigenous forests will check out. This will be done by the natives themselves Department of Natural Resources.

Furthermore, the routes designed for people in groups of 15 to 20 can enter the forest with a guide in their possession to be just the way to visit the forest to the Project widespread forest area has built into the woods and people are not. This will bring employment.

In other action, all the villagers production such as honey, herbs, rice, forest products and crafts, collecting, packaging and marketing and for sales to be broadly jobs. Dolls, fabrics and clothing will be restored native.

The wide measures to alert and inform the country have done to all Iranians know what's valuable and how to deal with it. We're going to Qlyanhay generated sales of yew wood eliminate. Shisha was never to stop, but can be encouraged to use non-wood from the yew.

Measures also spend money to educate Native. Even neighboring villages such as mian rostaq, and soil Afratakhteh woman must also undergo extensive training and are effective.

Further action is needed to create nursery and propagation of Yew will admit that contributed to the restoration and expansion of its habitat in the country, and all these measures in addition to job creation and the synergies natives, to preserve and restore the species of yew will help so far it has been thought and is scheduled for execution. This is the starting point scratch Bvmgrdy residence Yew Syahrvdbar and receive training on ecotourism and sustainable tourism by the managers of the resort to do that, consciously and with sufficient knowledge to be implemented. Of course, all activities with the participation of local people and other residents of the village will happen and these ones will also help us .

وسعت کار گسترده ، حجم آن زیاد و بار مسئولیتش بسیار سنگین است زیرا یک اقدام ملیست و منافع مادی و معنوی کل جامعه را در بر می گیرد لذا نیاز به کمک تمامی کسانی دارد که به هر دلیلی دلشان برای ایران و سرافرازی آن می تپد. This can not be done alone, and by the demands…

Yew really were beautiful

Autumn carpets the woods

F. Masoudi in black ROODBAR with other people is creating a sustainable tourism area and according to the information and expertise in the field of forestry, he will be the best protection area.

And all

The return of rain and snow in the highlands of Iran and the sun Black ROODBAR certain landscapes marked.

Four in One; Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

Tvskstan road to Chaharbagh

Tvskstan road to Chaharbagh

Tvskstan road to Chaharbagh

Tvskstan road to Chaharbagh

Tvskstan road to Chaharbagh

Tvskstan road to Chaharbagh

Zchshmsh the warm light does not shine,
Brvysh not go around smiling leaves;
Garden leaf that says that not beautiful?
The story of the wreck fruits Grdvnsay now sleeping in the coffin soil Post says .
Garden leaf
Her tears of laughter Khvnyst
Horse mane of jet yellow eternal Mychmd.
King of seasons, autumn

some notes:
– Black ROODBAR distance of approximately 23 km of asphalt road is the town of Aliabad.
– To stay in the Black Forest ROODBAR and visit the natural heritage yew F. Masoudi do 09119670935 coordination.

– Although the path is clear, but it has GPS files in the village of Black ROODBAR Donate Has been. To go to the region of pristine forests coordinate with Farhad Masoudi.

The video produced by the projector is placed on the trip.

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