Aubin waterfall (Dodangeh forests Sari, Mazandaran)

Everyone knows what he woods with my soul, but I have no one even knew that the forest is the opiate of housing in the world is getting down to the feet of Lang forest. There is a good day that day I did a killer headache two days we went over the menu had engaged in forest. Khanvvm and forest autumn sun combined in a work that was not only good but my headache pain as well Srham I forget I even have some new theory. For example, the trip from the moment of Safari that you start to think starts, but I did not end any trip not end trips always are until the Periodic once something, a memory, a smell, something Dmv his the worlds you travel, the trip never ended well after not extended trips always start well. Anyway, we're going Sangdeh where there is known to Nmyrym beech forest, waterfall destination or Bula Seth Aubin. A piece of heaven that God put divisions in the region Dodangeh Sari in Mazandaran province.

To reach the waterfall Sangdeh must come first, on the road to the East Firouzkooh Paul White Road exit and proceed to the Sangdeh.

Grilled busy hanging out Sangdeh

Grilled busy hanging out Sangdeh

Forest road to the right and also the traffic of passenger cars

Forest road to the right and also the traffic of passenger cars

About two hours by car from Sangdeh waterfall on the way

About thirty-seven kilometers of the route in advance

Mountains in the distance Khrvnrv

Colorful autumn is everywhere

I went walking in the woods air

The weather was on our side

Here is the harvest Jynga

Do not harvest output Jynga beautiful mountain views

Jynga place in the middle of the desert such as harvesters

Rest a few minutes here and drink tea

The density of the forest and the road again

Gradually catching water ear noise can be heard

Aubin collection or Bula waterfalls on either side of a forest road with

Here's a piece of heaven

It's very, very little walking

The main waterfall is located downstream of the road

Water passes from everywhere.

The trunk of a tree

No Description

No Description

No Description

Tall trees that ten minutes I was startled himself

Bula waterfall or Aubin

Waterfall moss Aubin

Evin waterfalls

GPS files for more detailed information and a better understanding placed in Wikiloc.



Video prepared for the journey


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۱۷ Responses

  1. Kindness says:

    Hi Vicky Locke to what you face? Link your id when is?

  2. F. comments says:

    The waterfall was without Balad and went Help?

  3. علی says:

    Greetings and devotion to the service of loved ones gathered nature. I wish every dear not only waste your potential returns. But abandoned in collecting waste in nature also helped as much as possible. Be gentle with nature is to love God with us.

  4. Diana says:

    There, the car was gone? A few minutes walk there? Because we are young Hmrahmvn.

  5. Hashemi says:

    Hello and width of devotion. I beg to introduce such unique spaces Do not. بنده ۱۰ سال پیش از این مجموعه زیبا عکاسی حرفه کردم و در هیچ یک از نمایشگاه و کتاب هایم اسم و محل دقیق این آبشار را معرفی نکرده ام. از دو سال گذشته دو مرتبه برای عکاسی مجدد آبشارها رفته ام و غصه ام گرفت از خسارت و تخریبی در پدیده های رسوبی و دیواره های خزه ای و حتی قطع درختان کوچک در منطقه صورت گرفته است. Please, I would like to nature and nature around you, anywhere in cyberspace pleasant Do not Tell. Be proud sustainable

    • Afra group says:

      Thank you for your comment and concern to preserve nature, tourism as a sustainable development approach is proven. تخریب هایی که شما فرمودید نه فقط در اطراف آبشار ها بلکه در سطح منطقه با سرعت بالا در حال وقوع است، قطع درختان بزرگ در منطقه بصورت قانونی در حال انجام است. معرفی نکردن مناطق علاج این درد نیست و برعکس با معرفی کردن و افزایش سطح اطلاعات عمومی و در پی اون مطالبه گری از مسئولین و استفاده از ظرفیت رسانه ها در جهت ایجاد زیرساخت و تصویب قوانین محافظتی تنها راه علاج این‌درد مشترک است.

  6. Ali Piran says:

    Sorry on 98/3/16, I went to a beautiful waterfall Aubin. I had a few things on the way to the waterfall say she long and boring that way, especially for those who have a normal car because you were dirt road with a speed of more than 10″You can't drive 20 kilometers per hour. It has a very downhill and uphill route. On the way you come across several crossroads. Be sure to ask the wind of a native. There is no antenna there at all. And this waterfall has not been defined at all in Google Maps. On the date I went, the mountain had fallen and part of the road had been damaged, but we passed it with a little care. Many people said that it could not be passed. My car was Pride. Many people say that you have gone with Shasti. Be sure to take spare tires with you, because sharp rocks are in the way and it is possible for the tires to break unless you drive at low speed. And I suggest that anyone who wants to take the tools used to stay with them because You have at least 3 hours to go and 3 hours to return. The area is unreasonable for travel and is worth all the fatigue..

  7. Farshad Tehrani says:

    سلام به همگی، من در تاریخ ۶-۴-۹۸ به اتفاق ۱۵ نفر از دوستان و به همراه خانواده به آبشار اوبن رفتیم و پس از یک شب کمپ زدن و شب مانی روز هفتم تیر برگشتیم. The second time was when I went to the area. Very very nice and worth the long and about 33 km of earth 's (Sangdeh road that starts from the first White Bridge Road and from there to the entrance forest 25 km Waterfall Aubin is just 33 km dirt road forest) We are the symptoms of Tehran campus at 6 am, and after breakfast in the restaurant between the hours of 13:30 we got to the waterfall Aubin. Cars also could easily go the road but if you're the car may be a bit sensitive about the car seat.. Had thrust a piece of forest roads we ride along with 206, L-90, Sandro, Dun and Persia were almost a little difficult to pass. The comments made by Mr. Shahi were completely accurate and complete in the sense that I thank. نکته ای که در این سفر خیلی تاسف بار بود و واقعاً من رو غافلگیر کرد این بود که روز پنجشنبه ششم تیر حدود ساعت ۴ بعداز ظهر پس از اینکه ما دیگه کمپ زده بودیم و جا افتاده بودیم، تعداد ۱۰-۱۵ نفر از کسانی که نمیدونم Where were mine and which town or village (So I just spoke the language of Mazandaran) With a blue truck and a pickup Dvkabyn with full equipment, including tents, generators, professional amplifiers, and Evening Echo very strong, microphones, lights and wiring and horn! (Yes beep! Just do not be surprised Bvqhayy in the stadium is used for football fans)The arrival and then set up tents and tents and Qlyvn and fire, began to hoot and play music from Mazandaran province with the sound very loud and scream and cry and pull out the sounds of animals and dancing! Neither of us and other families who stay there and the camp was to avoid a potential conflict tend to appeal to the people it's strange that they were not. There is simply unbeatable mobile antenna that you might take concrete police and 110 call and ask for help to do. Unfortunately, not hurt people and play music from Mazandaran province and outside Iran and hoot continuous, regular and continuous While most families to sleep inside Chadrhashvn used to be, until 12 pm continued and unfortunately tomorrow at 10 am start was! No matter how much thought they have found no justification for it. However, because most people and even towns and villages farther access to the Internet and social networks, and multiple campaigns and a lot of emphasis on respect for the rights of others things he's really kind of hard to believe in this area is relatively remote and cozy. Given that we did not think the harassment to continue past midnight helpful and we put the camp fire and we downgrade tents and children was a difficult task ahead was despite the fact that could not have been the silence of the forest that night to morning start picking and they wanted to stay two nights, Friday afternoon, July 7 our way back to Tehran ahead. I'm surprised that we like and the way that we wanted, we could not use the nature area. My advice to friends who decide to have a place to go is to try to grow the middle of the week, Brin and near the waterfall camp Nznyn the holidays too crowded field and the possibility that people annoying and culture of expression and peaceful place to crash too and be sure to go and so quiet it is far from the waterfall'll find. Full fixtures and oral Bbryn and stay at least two nights there.. It is really great and beautiful. Sorry for long. be happy

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you, Mr. Tehrani, unfortunately most beautiful areas of the country, particularly in the north of the cultural and moral problems for visitors, and this is no solution other than culture. So to speak, guided, encouraged these issues be corrected in future generations. Thank you to track Tvzyhattvn.

    • Inspiration says:

      I was wondering for camping refer the health service area or not?

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