Lake Dalampr or Mam Sheikh (Oshnavieh, West Azerbaijan Province)

Even assuming that in the heat of June Plates go where the snow have flowers and green plants have, the lakes have air refreshing have, could manhole crazy after all these plus sky with Abrash and color his blue lamb's heart is in Dalampr(dAlAmper) Found. You Dvtyd to see and read reports of dreams. I hope this report is the first picture in the imagination and the real world to make sure this land.

In the southwest and northwest Oshnavieh Orumiyeh, near the small town Dizaji, just near the border with Iran, Iraq and Turkey Mountain is Dalampr. At the foot of the mountain at an altitude of approximately 2700 meters above sea level in the lake, which is non-native to the mountains of Dalampr famous and known locally as the motherland Sheikh.

The journey begins with such a scene, charming and attractive sky

From the walls and fresh streams about

Snow spots

This will be another few weeks pastures full of purple flowers.

The air was cool, but when the sun would be felt

The road is not suitable for every car

Snow is melting

Snow is melting

In places the path was really scary

No Description


End passenger car

Flood path is totally destroyed

No Description

No Description

No Description

No Description

Spring flowers


No Description

Walking really hearty

A pleasant walk of about an hour waiting for you

And incredibly beautiful scenes

Finally, we found a purple flower seed

And Lake

Mam Sheikh or great Dalampr

Isolated snow patches

This was the moment when the lake ice broke and the water was a strange sound unmatched scene

Clouds and wind, sun and sky were all here

No Description

Dvkl niches waterfall is located in the same area, waterfalls roaring went by car to a nearby field. Roar of the waterfall Shnydnyst.

On the way to the waterfall

Cascade niches Dvkl

Downstream Traffic

some notes:

The nearest town to the area is mountainous city Dizaj. For're happy to Dizaj There are two ways of Orumiyeh, or strap, and Kjetil road way and then took the Dyzch path or road way and three-way Urmia Oshnavieh Ghblaq route took Dizaj. There is the possibility of providing food and fuel in Dizaj.

After Dizaji, you must exit road from the south Dizaj to the village hall for the first Dvkl. To shed Dvkl asphalt road and is approximately 8 km. Village niches Dvkl end of the road, and if you're a typical passenger can check up to see niches Dvkl almost a kilometer away, with the village during the. Niches Dvkl to Lake Dalampr approximately 10 km dirt road is due to the destruction of part of the road is now only 7. 5 km of the traffic for cars Dvdyfransyl, and 2. 5 km length must walk the course fun It is in this walk.

Common for off-road travel time: 7. 5 km from roughly 30 to 40 minutes and an hour-long walk bracing. After visiting the lake for your schedule in mind.

Traffic on the dirt road to the specific skills needs and is not accessible by any vehicle. Offer from local guides familiar with the area and get help. If you want to Dalampr hope and Faisal Shabani, Help with car Pazhn ethics area that has a capacity of 6 to 8 people you can help. Call 09147931479 and 09142791373 respectively is. If you intend to stay in the area, you can get advice from friends.

Hope and Faisal Shabani, Mhlymntqh mountain guide Dalampr

Hope and Faisal al-Shabani, a local guide mountainous region Dalampr

برای آشنایی بیشتر با منطقه فایل GPS در Donate Placed.

The video of this beautiful path has been prepared to miss.

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