Sterk, Mashhad Ardehal spring and summer Ardehal( City of Kashan, Isfahan Province)

Spring was the weekend and we fought to the road to see the western part of the city of Kashan, Sterk and Mashhad village and countryside Spring purposes Ardehal that the road we took to get there without planning. With a little time, but it was an enjoyable trip.

Sterk village 25 kilometers north-west of the city of Kashan, Kashan stagecoach road connecting the south and north of the village Joshaghan Sterk (Mashhad road Ardehal) Is. Sterk beautiful old village near Kashan at an altitude of 1270 meters above sea level located. Nature mountains, quarries, almond orchards, old water storage, shrine with interesting paintings, cellar and old villages are all attractions that will see Sterk. Air conditioning Spring promises a great surf.
Sterk arrived at midnight and were stationed at the home of an acquaintance morning we went to visit different parts of the village.

Sterk foothill village

The village is located in a stone quarry

Sterk quite lively and passionate

In the cool of the morning we started walking through the village day

And a variety of spring flowers

Spring Flowers

Sterk called the Cave of the famous catacombs are buried

Sterk hills overlooking the garden are

Black Mountain yellow mountain behind

May Chaqalh were delicious almonds

The shrine is located right in the center of the village and the locals believe is specific to this holy place


View from the top of the village

No Description

No Description

The old house was demolished a wall

The old village


The view of the countryside from the cave

Pomegranate and almond groves

The grave catacombs

Grave, crypt

No Description

Stagecoach road in the distance


Our next destination is Ardehal Mashhad where the carpet-cleaning and is renowned Sepehri

Holy mausoleum

The tomb

Near the tomb of S.

Come softly and slowly

In Mashhad Ardehal old and there are many historic houses

The ownership and use, and history of the house and do not know

No Description

In Mashhad Ardehal that we saw from the area that was high and went into the program, then we found out there called Ardehal spring and the spring-ul-Haq

This image tempted us

Spring Ardehal round

Spring Farms Ardehal

Spring Ardehal

On the way back from spring Ardehal

Ardehal spring water was very very good and the weather was perfect for a family was short and concise.

To learn the track and attractions in the GPS file Sterk wikiloc Consider.



some notes:
Sterk If you are not a way to get Tehran to Kashan Niasar There's output. Less than 10 km on the road before you go out Sterk- Joshaghan in front of you. All paths are paved. In the village can buy food, bread and … There is. Sterk does not stay in place, but perhaps the query you found a house to stay.


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