Wandering in the wilderness(Aran Bidgol, Isfahan)

Winter and weekends excuse for surfing the hills and valleys in the desert wilderness known as Maranjab, perhaps less is heard and presented.

Haloxylon forest views from the top of Khattab breaker

Haloxylon forest views from the top of Khattab breaker

Here is km 10 Maranjab dirt road, desert star Camp Davis or newly built, our overnight accommodation. Eight hours of clear sky full of stars past and enjoyable. Natural pond near the camp, which apparently shows the groundwater level. Silence makes a little sound of birds in the trees to be heard.

Do not miss the night round here. Photos taken in the dark of night and with exposure.

Camp Ahmad

With short percussive step up from camping here.

To stay here, be sure to coordinate your.

Here the mood of the day with evening stars are not comparable Rain.

Camp Ahmad

Your morning walk on the dunes start of camp. Motor wheel and the car is very disturbing. سه سال پیش که برای رسیدن به کاروانسرای مرنجاب از اینجا گذشتیم هم صدای ماشین های لوژستیک ارتش آرامش را ربوده بود، به نظر مسیر آران و بیدگل تا کاروانسرای مرنجاب و کمی بعد از آن بیشتر از ظرفیت مورد استفاده های گوناگون قرار گرفته می شود.

In the dunes

Noise pollution is very disturbing and unpleasant motor vehicles was on this day.

Along with playful and statuesque and Bamram

Winter Baby Khattab path breaker

To find the view that the rejection of off-road wheels pass loved ones must be spared in fight

Apparently mine

All roads in view Khattab breaker

Dunes along your route to the nearby hills Khattab forward breaker. Hill known as Khattab breaking the water way of the valley of beauty created.

Khattab breaker panel

Khattab way the surrounding valleys and water breaker

Landscapes erosion and salt mass

Here was the face of the earth because of the erosion of a particular form

Around Khattab breaker

It was cold and dry desert

Camp Ahmad on top of the picture suggests,.

Life in the desert

Inclement weather, winds and the soil and the rain was the end of the carriages…

From the top of a hill overlooking beautiful forests haloxylon. The volatile and unpredictable weather with winds and cold rain was the end of this wandering and sightseeing.

To learn traveled path in the path file wikloc Placed.


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    Hi I am really fascinated roam the desert Vkvyr am I think your experience is unique

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    Hey I love Kvyrm
    عید به کویر بافق از استان یزد رفتم بسیار زیبا با مردمانی بسیار خونگرم با تمامی امکانات از خانه های بوم گردی تا هتل چهار ستاره .لطفا شما که وارد هستید این کویر زیبار ا به هم میهنان عزیز معرفی کنید

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