Churches North West of Iran(Azarbaijan)

Iran map likened to a cat sitting, one of the most beautiful analogies that I have in mind, ears and even for this lovely cat in the course of history between Russia, Turkey and Iran has been achieved, and while this tradeoff and sometimes bloody history and culture exchange has occurred, the churches of the North west of the cultural exchanges that have reached the 2008 world record…

Chapel of Dzordzor

از جلفا همنوا با ارس به سمت غرب پنج کیلومتری که دور شویم به محلی می رسیم که گفته می شود عبادتگاه چوپانان دره شام بوده است، کلیسای چوپان یا آندره ورتی مقدس در کنار دیر سنت استپانوس در فهرست میراث جهانی یونسکو (Armenian monastic ensembles of Iran) it is registered.

Shepherd Church

Right next to the road and Aras

Inside the church

The church on the other side of Aras also said to be similar to that now does not work

Then, a distance of approximately 15 kilometers West of Julfa route and sacred Stephanus Church, which is known for its global reputation not least of Persepolis…

St. Stephanos

Sooner St. Stephanos of the most important historical monuments in Iran

Beautiful wooden door of the church

Stephanos Church of the Sacred second in terms of importance to Armenian Church in Iran

Holiness Church

Abbas Mirza Qajar attention late Saint Stephanos placed in the repair works of the Armenian region

A special atmosphere around here is totally ruling

Stephanos Church of the Holy Shrine

Church of Mother Mary in the Aras beach a little farther and nearly 22 km Jolfa is that we did not have the opportunity to visit

Church of Mother Mary at the cross-border travel, which is naming a famous church in Urmia

But the story Chapel of Dzordzor (The chapel of Dzordzor) که در ساحل سد بارون در ۲۰ کیلومتری ماکو و در روستای بارون قرار دارد حدیث مفصلی است، ماجرا از احداث سد و آبگیری آن شروع می شود آنگاه که بقایای در حال تخریب این کلیسا داشت به زیر آب می رفت مثل خیلی چیزهای دیگر که در دریاچه ی سدهای ساخته ی بشر غرق شدند، اما اینبار تصمیم به نجات دادن این کلیسا بود و با کار دقیقی که صورت گرفت در سال ۱۳۶۷ یا یک جا بجایی عظیم این کلیسا از غرق شدن نجات پیدا کرد.

Church of force, force that has been recorded in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Karabakh Armenian church, which is one of the most important churches in the world, about 30 km north of West Chalderan and halfway round the Chaldran is still on certain days of the year this location hosts Christian worshipers from around the world.

Karabakh Armenian Church's most important church in the world's second

درباره نام قره کلیسا یا کلیسای طادئوس مقدس نظرات متفاوتی وجود دارد، گروهی ریشه قره کلیسا را از سیاهی قسمتی از ساختمان آن می دانند و برخی آنرا به کلمه کارا که در زبان پهلوی به معنای بزرگ است نسبت می دهند

The church building has that of Dubna terms of color stones used are quite different, they also differ Year

According to employees legacy of the Armenian religious ceremony held in the days that tourists will not be allowed to enter

The general plan sets

Apparently the church, the Mongols destroyed and re-built in time Hvlakv Khan

The church has also attracted the attention of Abbas Mirza Abbas Mirza in its restoration is accompanied by Armenians

Beautiful designs and highlights the Church of the Holy Tadyvs

No Description

The stone depicting a gunshot wound indicated that the country has suffered from the non-Mlaymaty

Each of these books are fiction

No Description

Approximate position Churches

Approximate position Churches

North West Iran in the provinces of Eastern and Western churches set Zrbajan are located, where in addition to the natural richness of the historical monuments are also incredibly charismatic and Zbyast.

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