Discovering dashtestan(Boushehr)

Travel to the city dashtestan part of our trip was to visit the Bushehr Borazjan, palm trees and works remaining from the Achaemenid civilization led. Borazjan dashtestan the city center and is one of the poles of Iran date production is located in dashtestan. Where the palm groves of the rivers Dalaki and Shapur feed.

Sunset near the Shapur

Borazjan three sets Charkhab around the ancient House, stone, black and Black Bardak Achaemenid era artifacts were excavated decades ago. But our first destination is the Winter Palace of Darius the Black Bardak House. Note that this is a valuable archaeological collection in terms of supply, but there is something for ordinary visitors. But seeing the archaeological site near the village right in the heart groves Dorudgah Dorudgah was very relaxing and had no desire to leave.

Dorudgah groves

The Winter Palace black Bardak

Heavy rain last night had given the space and fresh air

Dorudgah village is the confluence of two rivers Shapur and Dalaki. Arriving Dorudgah should 2km dirt road with the help of locals took stands. Quiet and relaxing evening walk in the rain last night was very pleasant groves. Fenced enclosure space suggests the ancient black Bardak.

Near Black Bardak

Black Bardak sites. There are black rocks near it is not certain that the mine has attracted particular attention probe.

Head of the Achaemenid soldier from behind glasses that have been left on bricks

House lawn

Low pay attention legacy

Description of the photo

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Look of surprise visitors:-)

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Dorudgah dirt road to Black Bardak

Crested herbs that can be seen around the roads after rains Drzmynhay.

Then plan to visit forty houses(Dog house) Saad Abad Shapur River in the vicinity of the town have. رود شاپور در مسیر پر پیچ و تاب خود از کازرون به دریاچه سد رئیس علی دلواری می ریزد و سپس از آنجا راهی شده و پس از گذر از سعد آباد به دالکی پیوسته و با نام حله راهی خلیج فارس می گردد. Dorudgah return to the asphalt road, 10 km to the Sa'd Abad, this time before we.

Dorudgah road to Saad Abad

The query short, bypass north of Saad Abad brings us to the front of forty houses. Something strange in the mountains, chambers with trapezoidal input in the mountains overlooking the Shapur who presented different opinions about it. From Seclusion to the center of particular religions to the whereabouts of the accused. But the theory is more probable Seclusion. Proximity to water sources at this point it is possible to stay. I guess wells are drilled in booths. Such as those seen around Peaks.

Forty-view home on the other side of Shapur River

Input particular form forty rooms house or dog house

There's lots of users.

Around Shapur was really muddy rain.

The other evening and over the road 5 kilometers away from Saad Abad to go Abpakhsh. Dates distribution centers along the road there Abpakhsh to high Colwell. Palm cheese(Date) The fans also sold its own. Cheese is located in the middle part of the palm date palm tree crown.. Sweet taste and crisp.

Sunset, palm trees and calm

Road Abpakhsh

Release dates along the road Abpakhsh

Popular edible sago Bushehr. S. Zanganeh left a lot to see on this trip helped us and left us with good memories.

To learn more about the direction and position of the attractions listed in the file and map wikiloc Not Mlajzh.

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