Golden sand(Saghand in Yazd province)

It can be one of the most beautiful golden sand of Iran's sabulous. Sabulous very long, especially in Yazd province when seen from a distance you imagine a mountain and climb it, you experience a Rygnvrdy. zarrin

Fantasy role-face nature

To achieve the golden sand should be taken to Ardakan to Tabas, leaving behind Khranq, almost two kilometers after the Saghand, Mghstan on the left into the village road is a route marker. zarrin

Ardakan to SAGHAND… Across the desert mist… zarrin

Mghstan, a village near the desert zarrin

On the sidelines of Mghstan zarrin

On the sidelines of Mghstan

Mghstan 10 km asphalt road from the main road to the village and at the exit of the village, 7 km dirt road to get to it must have been before, but the quality of roads is also responsive to pass through the normal passenger cars. zarrin

Mghstan dirt road to a length of 7 km of golden sand zarrin-25

The prospect of the first part of golden sand

Little by little the exit Mghstan view of the mountains and hills can be seen from a distance it's hard to believe that this is the golden sand dunes. Behind the 7 km near the sand can park the car and began walking distance of two km from the sand. zarrin-24

Morning in late autumn, before the sand zarrin

The beginning of the golden sand zarrin

Camel dung

ارتفاع پای ریگ تقریبا ۱۰۰۰ متر از سطح دریا اندازه گیری شد و کم کم با پای گذاشتن بر این جاذبه منحصر به فرد کم کم ارتفاع گرفته و تا نزدیکی قله ارتفاع تقریباً ۱۱۶۰ متر اندازه گیری شد. zarrin

At the peak of golden sand zarrin

Beautiful and dreamy pebble ridge zarrin

Morning shadows zarrin

Seared the water zarrin

Wind Performance zarrin

Wind Performance zarrin

No Description zarrin

Navigation on the edge of the indescribable joy zarrin

The surrounding scenery from the top of the sand zarrin

The beauty of the sand and navigate a Group zarrin-9

No Description

According to the figure, golden sand form the sides of L is approximately 13 to 50 km. The salt marsh and Desert about 800 meters. zarrin

Golden sand Overview zarrin

At the end of the golden desert and salt marsh image zarrin

The average height of 800 meters Desert

The height of the golden sand and the special effects were very specific nature and golden sand on one of the most important attractions of the region has made. The area is also close to the historic village Khranq figs and attractive opportunity for tourism in the province of Yazd has provided. zarrin

Beautiful scenes and special nature of the desert zarrin-10

No Description

To learn more about the route and navigation GPS files in a fraction of golden sand wikiloc Placed.

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۳ Responses

  1. Nicolas says:


    Thank you very much for sharing all this beautiful landscape and information in english ! iran has amazing landscape and history.

    I would like to go in May in Zolomat canyon (kavir national parc) but i dont find any information how to go and which travel compagny in teheran,kashan or semnan can organize that for a good price.

    Maybe do you know somebody who knows the place and can help me to go ?


    • Afra group says:

      Dear Nicolas,
      Thank you very much for your positive comment and I hope blog’s contents be helpful.

      as you know, zolamat canyon is placed in kavir national park and for visit from each location in park, permit is necessary.
      I heared before it, some tour and travel company for zolamat canyon,
      but i dont know about that travel company now. there are some
      canyon same as zolamat canyon that formed because of water and wind erosion. Rageh canyon near Rafsanjan city and Kal Jenni canyon near Tabas city could be offer for visit. good access near road and city is good option for these destination.

      So, I will keep you uodated as soon as I have any newa from travel company for zolamat canyon.

  2. nicolas says:

    Thank you for answer and hope you find info about zolamat .

    I will try to go in Kal Jenni canyon & Murtaza Ali : closed place and seem wonderful !

    Reghez Canyon seems also great but need good level canyoning and equipment.

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