Discovering Khoor, Part I: The Jandagh to Egypt(Isfahan)

Travel in different parts Khoor, the southern edge of the central desert city, mainly patrolling in the villages. Villages in the silent part of the history and traditions of life on the desert margins to work hard in their hearts. Stroll through the village and the castle remained silent and mud walls, a chance to get away from modern ocean. Just talked, good-hearted people to sit amidst the memories of this land stretched canvas and Labelling. In the last days of autumn with a trip to the old country and walks of towns and villages we passed and what remains for us the thirst meet again.

Herd of camels near Farahzad

Jandagh first destination is reached Jandagh dawn and still cruise early, sleep in rooms Zaman mosque in the beginning of the city's best offer. Before noon and before going to Egypt to visit the old castle and habitable city we Jandagh.

Across the street eucalyptus tree in Jandagh

And hearty autumn afternoon sunshine and clean air and blue sky Jandagh had Adam's place. Jandagh that are still inhabited castle in history and old narrator is Jandagh. Mr Sayed-Tabatabaei House and pleasant Jandaghi steal the show. Castle broad and nested there, do not miss the cruise.

Castle Jandagh

Rooftops of surrounding agricultural land is evident Jandagh.

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Parts of the castle Jandagh

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We intend Egyptian village. Through our sandy road in Egypt. A little inquiry and we hit the road heading. Here are some very good quality gravel road and some places will be a little rocky but generally acceptable.

Gravel road 40 kilometers Jandagh to Egypt

Low speed and caution necessary during the course of a day cross the road.

Dewatering of the attention and the beauty scene in the desert is created. Near asphalt road sand and trees began to flaunt their haloxylon.

In the middle of the Jandagh - Egypt

A little over an hour from the Azjndq to take new asphalt road Amirabad Egypt. Egypt ahead after initial Blvd.. There is such a wide street with a length of 500 meters in the middle of the village in the desert of central Iran, Egypt itself is surprising.

Amirabad lush and beautiful road to Egypt

Amirabad lush and beautiful road to Egypt

Lodgings are almost full and the prices are a little high. Syed grocery store is the best place to stay is inquiry. With the help of a local mystic way we kind of family home. Intimate and loving.

Beautiful family home mystic

Mr. Aref past memories and defines Egypt. The terrible floods of 1355 to Joseph Village Egypt ...

Mr. Aref past memories and defines Egypt. The terrible floods of 1355 to Joseph Village Egypt ...

Attractions such as marshlands, Slknvn hole, salt lakes and sand dunes Slknvn and Bridal bed and Taghzarha of attractions are close to the villages of Egypt and Farahzad. But tight time ... The way we Slknvn hole. From Egypt to Farahzad is approximately 3 km dirt road from the 3 km to the hole spacing is Farahzad.

Sabulous evening walk on account of his present place

Great pit sand pit Slknvn

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It featured Afrayy

Slknvn hole of places that attract visitors to Egypt and Farahzad. Own the mountains of southern Egypt show. Mount erosion results in low-lying areas is thus Rygzarhayy.

Our next destination is worthy of asphalt road 40 km a way worthy of our time.

Salt marsh and such stability

Asphalted road worthy - Egypt

some notes:

- To reach Tehran Jandagh from the common pathway, the first track from Tehran, Damghan, teachers and Jandagh is almost 610 km, and the second route from Tehran, Kashan, Nain, Anarak, shepherds and Jandagh the route 670 km.. دقت نمایید که جاده ای از سمنان به معلمان وجود دارد ولی در اختیار سپاه است و عبور و مرور از آن غیر ممکن است و می بایست از تهران به دامغان و سپس معلمان رفت.

-Jandagh length of 40 km gravel road from there to Egypt at the beginning of the path there are two bands. Bond left the road is better and less wave, and is also suitable for light passenger vehicles.

- Zaman mosque is located at the entrance of the city Jandagh two carpeted rooms with heating appliances and the possibility of cheap accommodation there.

- Fortunately, with the boom in tourism and tour traditional residence built in the villages of the region, especially Egypt. However, if full resort with short query can be found cheap room in a house to stay.

To learn more about the way of communication and geographical location GPS file attractions listed in wikiloc Is placed.

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