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The King and the old way(Haraz road, Mazandaran Province)

Haraz Road is the shortest route to get from the capital to the Caspian Sea plain that many times those who intend to travel to the territory to the north of Iran have crossed. In all the screws and the way in Haraz River Valley attractions that can be found along the way to see it and be fruitful journey. One of the most important historical and natural attractions tight strap-shaped cut and embossed Sassanid king and the broken bridge that is hidden in a valley behind Wana tunnel and it is necessary to see them go into the tunnel in the southern tip of South. Here is narrow and the way is very beautiful and well worth a stop and a visit to the.


Woods and his goth Springs(Heather, Mazandaran)

Name all learned heather heather beautiful bridge, a masterpiece of railway throws on top of Mt.. But Warsak village in addition to the important railway attractions, natural attractions and tourism can be introduced as a stand-alone destination. There is a beautiful waterfall in the forest and eyes narrowed and his goth forest near the village and the peaks of the beautiful attractions that Heather has filled attractions.


Mazycal(GPS, Mazandaran)

در ارتفاع ۲۶۰۰ متری از سطح دریا بالا تر از ابرها دهکده ای قرار دارد که از دیر باز معروف بوده است، مازیچال به غایت زیبا و دیدنی است که هنوز هم می شود کلبه هایی با معماری سنتی در آن دید. In fact Mazychal called the arrest of...