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Discovering dashtestan(Boushehr)

Travel to the city dashtestan part of our trip was to visit the Bushehr Borazjan, palm trees and works remaining from the Achaemenid civilization led. Borazjan dashtestan the city center and is one of the poles of Iran date production is located in dashtestan. Where the palm groves of the rivers Dalaki and Shapur feed.


Sarif historic port in the Persian Gulf(Boushehr)

طی کردن مسیر تهران تا کرانه های خلیج فارس آن هم با اتوبوس، در نوع خودش جذاب بود، سفری به استان بوشهر که در صنعت گردشگری کمتر شناخته شده است و بیشتر در صنایع سنگین و آن هم صنعت گاز و پتروشیمی شهرتی جهانی دارد. Sarif port that's already been spared from noise pollution and gas industry, has great potential in tourism, especially in the second half of the air spring is south.


Salt dome Jashak(Boushehr)

Jashak salt dome can be one the most important geotourism attractions in Iran. Bushehr province in southern Iran and that particular phenomenon in the full water rivers, waterfalls and stunning salt.