A tour in Naraq(Central Province)

Naraq… The word that I had heard for years was also close to us, but it was always postponed…
We always thought that closer destinations are always available and for now we should stick to the faraway ones. And it happened that we had neglected such a beautiful city. Until finally, on an autumn and December weekend, when we had a little time, it was time to visit several nearby destinations, including Naraq..
In my opinion, a city or a village that has a traditional type of accommodation is the most important invitation for travelers. Come and see me, eat and eat with me… What could be better than this?. The way was clear. At noon on Thursday, we passed the busy Tehran-Qom highway and we left the Salafchegan exit and the Isfahan road on the Qom-Arak road. When we reached Dilijan, we went to Naraq. The last light of that day was frozen when we walked the last kilometers to Naraq. We saw the sign of Chal Nakhjir cave with regret and knew that it was closed. In those days, the corona disease itself was a reason for any kind of incalculable holiday! They close the forest under the pretext of Corona! Then everywhere in the city is open! let's move on.

Naraq was in deep silence. We found the route to Nakhjir's residence in the dark with a map. We passed by the wall of a school that had paintings of space and space on it. I found out that this is the same school where a meteorite fell on its roof in 1353. I had read on the websites that the meteorite that was brought to Tehran for research was returned to Naraq. I hoped it would be seen. Our son Sahand also liked it very much.
We parked the car next to an old castle tower and entered the Nakhjir residence. The beautiful atmosphere of the yard and a tea in the cold air made me feel tired.

The residence was located in an alley that had no neighbors on three sides. The residence did not offer lunch and dinner at that time. We inquired about the nearby eateries and they said that the Walnut Garden restaurant is good. We asked where is it? They gave me an address, but I was not arrested. We opened the map and walked through the alleys. Paving of the alleys and squares in the old Narag Bagh was very sticky. Finally, at night, we searched for the address. There was no one. At the end of the garden, a part was walled with scaffolding and plastic, and it was big. An oil heater was also burning… There was silence. They also prepared good food. It was time to count when we saw that it started raining. Regardless of everything, we said that we will wait until the rain stops. It was about 20 minutes and half an hour on foot. But an hour passed and there was no news of the rain stopping. We tried to get an agency number from the cook there, but we could not find a car. In the end, we fell into the hands of Mr. Mousavi, the owner of the residence, God's servant came after us. A rainy night passed and when I looked out of the room window in the morning, it was a wonderful scene. Everything was covered in white. After we had breakfast, we started the tour again in the back alleys. Ab Anbar, Hosseinieh and some historic houses with their doors closed smelled and I did not understand how to visit. They also said that the Meteorite Museum has no security and is not open to the public at the moment. The snow had stopped and was melting. The view of Mount Ol in Narag was spectacular. We toured until noon and after lunch at another restaurant, we set off on the snowy Jaseb road. Now it was a combination of sun and white mountains. Many groups had gone to Jaseb Road for tube riding. It was our luck that we had the chance to see the beautiful snow scene. It was the continuation of the route to Qom and the end of a great trip.

A stout and old tree in Naraq
The entrance to the cistern, which is now a museum, and it's a pity that it was closed!
The entrance staircase of the reservoir
The interior view of the museum's fog reservoir is from the top of the door
The enchanting alleys of Narag
A beautiful side composition of the lantern in Naraq
The story of the doors…
The story of the doors…
The story of the doors…
The story of the doors…
The story of the doors…
The story of the doors…
Caravanserai and market complex
Sunrise in the evening of a snowy day around Naraq
The entrance to Bagh Gardo restaurant
Garden wall in Naraq
Snowy morning in Naraq
Naraq Museum
Alleys that die for walking
Every corner of the city is a historical context
The sign of the Meteorite Museum, which could not be visited
And a lock on the door and the story of this door…
Meteorite Museum, which is actually a school
And this dear alley…
And a dear windbreaker…
A beautiful garden near Bagh Gardo restaurant
The beautiful mountain of El OL
Snowy morning in Naraq
Turret of the castle in Naraq
Mount El and Badgiri in Narag
Beautiful snowy morning in Naraq
The beautiful mountain of Al in Naraq
The courtyard of Nakhjir's residence in Narag
A path to Jaseb
People playing in the snow near Jaseb
And the story of these streets…

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