Seymareh Dam Lake and Tang Kafri(Badreh, Ilam province)

Tang Kafri in Ilam province and near the city of Badreh, has been known for nature lovers and Iran tourists for many years.. Our visit and boating in Seymareh Dam and seeing this beautiful gorge was a continuation of a journey that we passed through Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari and Khuzestan and entered the gates of Ilam province from Poldakhtar.. We had visited the anchor rod and the Black Cow Twin Lake and reached the Seymareh Dam..

Sometimes shaking and getting out of unwanted exhaustion becomes so stretched that our work is delayed until noon.! Early in Nowruz, the noon weather in Darrehshahr and Badreh was a little warm, but it was not annoying. What bothered him was the dust of Iraq, which covered the western skies of the country. What do we humans want from the life of the planet?… The selfishness of the human race has created such conditions in the last 100 years.  

Finally, we went to Seymareh Dam Lake, which we had been waiting to see for several years. On the road from Badreh to Ilam(15 km) At a point where there was no sign except at the end of a large bend, we left the road and entered a 4 km rocky ground. At the end of the road, without a special place to park, everyone found a place for themselves and left the car.. We were facing the infidels. Where the boat station was on the dam. They had set up a big tent and someone was sitting at a table issuing a boat bill. Many people gathered around him and thought what to do. There were almost a lot of passengers and tourists. The price of boats was also impressive. A simple tour in Nowruz 1400, 400 thousand Tomans and if someone wanted to see more parts of the lake, this tour will cost about 700 thousand Tomans.. I do not know whether the boatmen are here all year round or are they just Nowruz days or such holidays?

A sign that directs passengers to Tang Kafri boat station. The quality of this dirt road is a bit unfavorable, but it is passable for everyone.
Car parking place and near the Simre Dam boat station
On the way to visit different parts of Simre dam lake
Tang Kafri is the most famous part of the lake behind the Simre Dam

 In the middle of the day it was a bad time for photography. In addition, the sky of Ilam was full of dust and made it difficult to breathe. As soon as the boat set off, it had to cross the Kafri Strait to reach a large part of the lake. I think it was one of the most beautiful places there. However, we wanted to see all its sights now that we are here. After Tang Kafri, the boatman went fast to the left, where after about a quarter, he approached Tang-e Baranjan..

On the way west of the lake and Tang Barjan
Simre dam lake
Smooth and beautiful rocks by the lake of Simre dam
A view of the rocks around the Simre dam lake
No Description
Interesting erosion of the rocks around the Simre dam
The flight of herons over the lake of the Simre dam
A rock that was like an island for migratory birds
South facing view of a cliff rising from the water
Interesting rocks north of Simre Dam Lake

After that, seeing the generals of Baranjan, he returned with the same speed and passed an infidel to reach the beginning of the narrow path of Rava Rawa and the Pigeon Cave.. It was an interesting atmosphere. Of course, there was no cave and I could see the rocks that had holes. It was more along the way than stopping and overthrowing. There was a small waterfall somewhere that cost us a fortune to see!

Interesting erosion of the rocks around Simre dam lake
No Description
Interesting erosion of the rocks around the Simre dam

 The high speed of the boat and the windy day and the throwing of water diminished the pleasure and tranquility, but overall it was a good tour on the dam lake.. There were interesting erosive layers along the mountain walls. Migratory birds such as gray herons were seen on the lake. After returning, we had lunch by the lake. We were there when it was crowded and I found out that a young boy had been bitten by a scorpion. I went forward and tied his forearm with a shawl and told him to leave soon. I don't think he was in danger, but he could not be in danger. Going to a health center is always the best way. Especially where Badra was close. I have told my fellow travelers many times not to move rocks in the ground. Below each may be a scorpion or other creature. Otherwise, what does the scorpion have in our day?. If you want to remove the free stone, give it to the wrong shoe first and then remove it. A few days before this incident, we wanted to collect stones near the Karun Dam and around the Helen forests to entertain Sahand, which was the case.. Under each millipede was a scorpion. We were laughing. We quickly returned to our seats and said, well, let's go to another hobby.

On the narrow path of Regeh Rovar
On the narrow path of Regeh Rovar. This is the end of the tourist route. The path continues to the dam wall.
The narrow path of Simre dam lake
near Tang Regeh Rovar

Seeing Seymareh Dam takes about two hours and can be combined in one day with seeing Fennel Strait and Shahr Valley in one day.. After that, we went to the fennel gorge and went up to the fields and around the oak forests of Kolem village to spend the night.. Tang Fennel was on the side of the road and was naturally crowded during the holidays, but it is worth seeing and it cost me as much as burning a mobile phone, which of course was due to my carelessness and slipping in the pool..

East of Simre Dam Lake
East of Simre Dam Lake
On the way back to Tang Kafri and the station
Pigeon Cave
A small waterfall in the middle of the road
The route traveled in Simre Dam Lake Nowruz 1400

To learn more about the location of the Simre dam and access to Tang Kafri, the GPS file at wikiloc Placed.

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  1. Abbas Saidi says:

    Hello and greetings. It was really great, may we get a chance to see you up close

  2. Anonymous says:

    والا اون سنگ بزرگ برای من جالب بود اگر دقت نگاه کنید بروی اون سنگ یک کله شبه کله گاو نقش بسته طبیعی ازچپ نگاه به راست🐂برخلاف این تصویر

  3. Anonymous says:

    Zagros is all beautiful, and its people are warm, hospitable and genuine, greetings to these zealous people.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ilam is one of the best and most beautiful lands in the world

  5. Anonymous says:

    Iran is really a beautiful country, we have really good people with one heart and one color. Dear friend, we thank God for giving you the opportunity to travel to Iran, because I really love to travel to Iran, but financial means do not allow it, but I appreciate your work. I do .

  6. Amir says:

    O Iran, O dense border…..

    • رستمی says:

      By the way, Ilam has many beautiful cities, Ivan is also a very beautiful city with an ancient and natural resort, from its beautiful Siahgol to the virgin mountains of Gangir Dam, Tagh Shirin and Farhad, and the fire temple of Siahgol.

  7. محمد says:

    Hello, blowing photos
    Come the first days of the war, if I'm not mistaken, I will fall in the plains of Abbas, Ain Khosh, and Badre Kanjan Cham
    Good memory of the children of Ondore
    Nasser Akbar Mammadhasan and my good friend direct

  8. Zia Jafapish says:

    Siagav twin lake belongs to Abdanan city, why is there no name from this city

  9. Miss Shahi says:

    Greetings to you who wrote a complete description of the regions of Ilam. خرداد۱۴۰۱
    We also took a local town in Badre and saw the beautiful views of Bahram Chubin Gorge, Zarangush Gorge, Razianeh Gorge, Kaffri Gorge, and the twin lakes of Siah Gav and…We saw very, very beautiful sights and enchanting views . I wish people would travel to beautiful Ilam more and get to know the sweet and kind people of this region . Spring season is the best choice to visit Ilam .

  10. Hamid Omidhar Dilman says:

    Good time and good luck
    good for you
    God willing, may you always be healthy and healthy and may you always travel to all parts of our beloved country, Iran

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you, good health. thank you

      • Hossein Sharaft says:

        Unfortunately, I don't remember many of the best natural environments of this border and landscape, the destruction of the animals and the animals that actually massacred these creatures by drying up the ponds and streams and even the big rivers, and even in some places Like this water in the last century of Simara, we don't have those who help the reproduction and reproduction of fish. If all this water was in one of the countries that valued its people, now it should be at least the size of the fingers of one hand of all kinds of fish. May these mountain and God-given waters flow in groups and groups and from time to time draw Tefna fishermen towards it and be a source of income for the people of the region and also help the low-income classes, but as always, only a hundred alas.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ilam is very beautiful and has other places to see

  12. Anonymous says:

    Hello, don't be bored, it was really great, the creator of the universe is beautiful, don't hurt your hand, I love nature and tourism.

  13. Syed says:

    I took a trip to Ilam in Nowruz with a tourist tour of Tehran. I went to the same areas you mentioned, such as Tang Razianeh, the twin lakes of Black Cow, Tang Bahram Chobin, the ancient city of Simre, and the waterfall.…We saw it very beautiful and I recommend you to visit Ilam province for its beauty .

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