Black Cow Twin Lake near Abdanan, Ilam Province(Black Cow Twin Lake near Abdanan, Ilam Province)

In the list of sights of Ilam province, I always had the name of the Black Cow Twin Lake near the city of Abdanan in my mind.. Nowruz 1400 provided an opportunity to have a trip to Ilam.

Black Cow Twin Lake near Abdanan, Ilam Province
Black Cow Twin Lake near Abdanan, Ilam Province

During this trip, after Chaharmahal, Bakhtiari and Khuzestan, we entered the gate of Ilam province from the side of Dokhtar bridge. spend the night in anchor mace we spent. Read his report here.

And in the continuation of the journey, we had reached Dareh Shahr. On that day, a bad accident happened in the team and during an accident in Tang Bahram Chobin, Salih Hemsafar and his friend got a severe injury in the back area, and after it was not possible to check the condition and get treatment in Dareh Shahr Hospital, he had to be treated to prevent a serious injury. , went to Ilam with his wife. Separation from these friends who had started the journey together before Nowruz and had spent the moments of handing over the year together under the oak trees of Helen's forest was a heartbreaking scene.. We and other friends had gone to stay in Cham Kalan village near Darrehshahr. It was a beautiful village. It was near Seymareh and rapeseed fields and green hills gave a special effect to the place. The locals were quiet and very affectionate, making strong eye contact, all of which was delightful for a newcomer.

Rapeseed field, Cham Kalan near Dareh Shahr valley
Rapeseed field, Cham Kalan near Dareh Shahr valley

On the way to Twin Black Bull Lake

With a lot of lethargy, after a hearty breakfast and a tour of the fields of Cham Kalan, around noon, we went to the winding pass to see the Black Cow Lake, which was supposed to take us to the other side of the mountain.. It was about 75 km from Shahr Valley to Siah Gav Lake. The steep turns and the steep road first took us to the highest points. Where the oaks had not yet sprouted, and then we went down as far as the body on the other side of the mountain.

 We and the people of the West were not lucky. Because in the first days of the year, a strong wave of dust entered the country's sky from Iraq. There was a lot of pollution and the conditions were not good. But what could be done?. We were traveling …

There was a black cow village near the lakes, and I don't know whether the village or the lake got their names from each other. The lake consisted of two almost circular reservoirs and was located at two levels. The higher lake was bigger. There was a limestone hill above the lake that we climbed to get a better view of the lake. Nowruz and holidays had drawn many tourists there. They built a dirt parking lot nearby and I did not see any special facilities. Except for the shop where the kind owner rented pedal boats and had a hookah table by the small lake. Sahand also loved boats and had a lot of fun. I was happy that we got on that boat and saw more of the shores of the lake. The owner of the stall said that it is a bit difficult to turn the boat on the sides of the water outlet, so don't go too close to it! We were on the water for half an hour. The air was very dusty. But there was peace on the small lake. At night, we planned to return to Dara Shahr. We continued our journey towards Badra, Kalam, Dara Razianeh and Ilam.

Sedimentary layers at the top of the lake
Rocky and sedimentary hills provided a good view of the lake
Sediments with a special form on the top of the hill overlooking the Black Cow Lake
View of two black cow lakes on a dusty day
Sit and watch…
View of the small black cow lake
Spring in Black Cow
I had nothing to say in this scene except to praise her beauty
fellow travelers

A few tips about traveling to Black Cow Lake

The road to the lake is asphalt and it is about 35 km away from Abdanan.

There were no facilities near the lakes and you had to bring your own necessities.(Nowruz visit time 1400)

In my opinion, the beautiful nature of the lakes in this area is one of the top attractions of Iran.

It is a tropical region and it is recommended to travel here in early spring.

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  1. Ahmed Issa Nia Qara says:

    Excellent as always, dear Mr. Mousavi
    I hope this year will be full of good things for you

  2. Anonymous says:

    The twin black cow lake has a good attraction for tourists, including its natural and pristine nature and the same size of the two lakes and the water that is not known from where it comes out of the lake. Abandoned in the lake

  3. Anonymous says:

    Siag water is correct …It means black water

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