Barzkuh, the green cone of Gilan(Khalkhal Poonel Road, Gilan Province)

Barzkooh, a green forest cone in the heights of Gilan, I had intended for many years, and finally in June 1400, together with good fellow travelers, we climbed this beautiful forest peak..

Barzkuh peak and beautiful oak tree

We went to Khalkhal in mid-June and a few days off, but we traveled all the way through side roads. Crossing side roads created more opportunity to understand the journey. From Tehran to Eshtehard and Buin Zahra and then the old road of Zanjan and then to Tarom and Hashjin and then Sarcham and Khalkhal road.. The weather in Khalkhal was very mild and cool in the evening. Ali, our companion, had a problem with about eighty cars and the door was not locked. After we did not find any repairs in Hashtjin, we continued our way to Khalkhal after Pirtaghi.. In Khalkhal, we were at the repair shop for about an hour and a working boy was repairing the car electrically.. In the meantime, we met Mr. Sojudi in the shop next door and how much they loved him. I do not intend to go into the details of this acquaintance, but the point I want to make is that a person from a city can represent all the goodness of that area and create a memory that will not go out of mind for years and provide a special experience. Leave. Ali's car was finished after 9 o'clock and he was bored. We were going to have dinner at a restaurant on the same main street in Khalkhal. The food was good and we were tired of the road and the activities we had during the day and especially that we had a lot of heat during our day patrol in Pirtaghi area because the temperature was 40 degrees Celsius for many hours, we continued our way to Punel Road. From Khalkhal Two roads go to the Gilan plain. One is Islam and the other is Punel. Punel is the main road and truck traffic is mainly from this road. It was past 11 o'clock. Cool weather and secluded road. From time to time we had to slow down with bumps. We were going to the foot of the mountain near the village “Prison” Let's spend the night in the morning and go to the top of Barzkuh forest peak in the morning. There were several barbecue cafes and stalls along the road near the prison, which was the address of our stop. There was no electricity and everyone was equipped with an electric motor. We stopped where the cafe lights did not turn on and it was dark because we wanted to sleep in the car.. The height had decreased and it was not very cool. We must have lowered the car windows. I woke up in the middle of the night for a moment. The electric motors were off and there was no traffic and the darkness was complete. It's not like we're on a road. It was an interesting scene. Only the occasional sound of a truck roaring uphill made it clear that this was the road. It was sunny in the morning and we knew that in the evening there was a possibility of clouds and rain. We ate breakfast and closed a light bar. It started from the same point.

We started with the help of GPS file. The beginning of the route was under high pressure transmission towers. Pakoob passed through most of the forest. We were careful not to deviate from the path. Anyway, we had never been there before, and the deviation could have pushed us back. The path was uphill and uphill. It was almost cloudy at noon and the fog was light. When we finished the forest, the air was quite foggy. Finally, we had to climb a steep meadow to reach the sacred tomb at the top of the mountain cone. May did not allow me to understand the landscape and the effects of the area. When we reached the fence of the tomb, the clouds came down and the sea of ​​clouds fell under our feet and the beautiful sun warmed us.. The tomb consisted of three tombs with a small door that attracted attention. That is, if someone wanted to enter, he had to go to the chest. Slightly below the mausoleum, there were rural houses that the herdsman seemed to have not yet settled. They are connected to a village at the foot of the mountain by a dirt road. This road is suitable for those who do not intend to climb mountains.  There was an oak or mazo tree in the tomb that had a refreshing shade. It was foggy for a few minutes and bright and sunny for a few minutes until we were finally completely immersed in the fog. We ate lunch and headed down to the prison. Blue was not on the way and if it was, how good it would be. There was probably spring water for the cattle near the houses, but we did not go to it. We made our way to the forest in May. Having GPS did not give us any worries. Along the way was a wild strawberry or berry with wild plums. It was about 4 o'clock when we reached the bottom and it was wet with fog everywhere.

View of Barzukuh surroundings
Sometimes it is difficult to find the route because there is little traffic, do not neglect GPS
The beginning of Barzkuh route
Start moving towards the forest
Early route
Early in the journey, houses are one of the signs of the path
In the middle of the track
The foggy atmosphere gave a special atmosphere to the environment in the heat of June
Jungle and space fog was a dream
Foggy forest of Barzkuh
End of forest and start of pasture
No Description
The last slope of the route
Near Barzkuh peak
Beautiful oak tree in Barzkuh tombs
Near Barzkuh peak and heavy fog
The clouds went down for a few minutes and we were able to take some pictures of the surroundings
The moment the clouds went down, the atmosphere was very spectacular
On top of Barzkuh Castle
Small door of Barzkuh tomb
Interesting architecture of Barzkuh tomb
Above the cloudy sea of ​​Gilan
The door of one of the tombs

A few tips from the route:

View of the route, from the edge of Khalkhal-Punel road to Barzkuh peak

The path to climb the forest peak of Barzkuh, although not complicated, but because it passes through the forest, there is a possibility of error. Be sure to use GPS or a local guide.

The height of the edge of the road is 1670 meters and the height of the tomb at the summit is 2150 meters(Nearly 500 meters gain height). This 4 km hike takes about two to three hours.

We did not see a spring along the way. Make sure you have enough drinking water.

The area was deserted and we did not see anyone during the ascent and descent.

For more information, the GPS file of the route has been placed in Wikiloc.

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