Farakhin Lake(Nowshahr, Mazandaran province)

Farakhin Lake in the south of Nowshahr city and north of Viser village at an altitude of 790 meters is hidden in the heart of Hyrcanian forests.. Its largest diameter is about 140 meters.

Farakhin Lake in November

In the middle of November 1998, during a trip to northern Iran, we settled in the city of Noor one night and planned to visit Farakhin Lake tomorrow morning.. Due to the lack of information about the route from Nowshahr to Farakhin, we had to take the road from Noor to Kojoor and then to the villages of Pul and Viser, which was a very long way, but it had its autumn beauties.. On this route, we passed Ab-e-Pari, Kudir, Pul and Kendallus waterfalls, and after a lunar cycle, we reached Viser and the beginning of the forest road..

A village in the middle of Noor to Kojoor is more of a villa than a village!
Light road to Kajur
Light road to Kojoor in autumn
On the way to Viser village
Whistler Forest Road to Lake Farakhin
The Wisser-Farakhin forest trail is generally accessible by light.

 The short days of autumn are over in the blink of an eye. It was past noon when, after frequent stops, our eyes finally fell on the lake calmly.. We walked around it and ate a short lunch around the lake. The lake was almost deserted. There were several groups before us that were leaving at the same time as we arrived. A few tips for us about water and …They did. During our stay, a small group came for a short tour and had no intention of staying overnight. They took their pictures and left.

A few steps from Lake Farakhin
Farakhin Lake in November
Reflections of autumn views in the waters of Lake Farakhin

The only guests of the lake were two young boys named Alireza and Mohsen, who had set up their tents in front of the lake the night before and parked their car at the entrance of the forest and walked for about 4 hours, which I thought was very enjoyable.. This travel model was chosen to change the lifestyle. We had a short chat and happened to be together the next day to see the Darno Falls.

The silence, coolness, and colorful autumn described me from these moments. Two other people came and went on foot that evening, and almost no one came until the end of the night when the other two came to stay the night.. There were six and a half of us and we came to make the most of the forest atmosphere.

The camp is just at the bottom of Lake Farakhin
The relaxed atmosphere of Lake Farakhin

 We did not have time until dark and we came to the cars by the lake and set up camp on the flat ground by the road.. After dinner and rest, we planned a night walk. It was a moonlit night and after putting our little boy Sahand to sleep and handing him over to friends, my wife Mahsa and I went to the lake again.. We walked the whole route cautiously without the head of the lamp and only with the moonlight to cross the spring and reach the lake.. It was a very cool experience. The vibrations of the bushes and the sounds of the forest in the middle of the forest had some interesting little fears that we looked at each other and laughed.. We also saw Alireza and Mohsen's tent course on the opposite side of the lake, and we stopped going as far as the rough terrain..

The walk around the lake was very sticky
Autumn is truly the king of the seasons.
Parking place by the roadside. From this point a 5-minute walk to the lake on the left side of the road should be done. Here we set up camp.
Sabzegah is one of the unique moments of the camp.

Access route to Farakhin Lake

Lake Farakhin is accessible from both the north and the south, and the dirt trail on both sides is about the same amount and quality, and depends more on where your movement originates.. Of course, we found out later, and we went all the way, because the content available on the Internet is very poor.

If you are in the coastal cities of Mazandaran, you should go to Nowshahr and reach the destination after a dirt road.. There are several crossroads along the way that you should pay attention to and go to Farakhin according to the small guide signs installed by the foresters.. The route of the beautiful Darnhuham waterfall is on the same route before Farakhin.

If you have started Chalous Road from Tehran, then Marzanabad(About 5 km) It is located on Kendall's Road and after another 13 km of this side road, it enters the side of Viser village and continues until you reach the entrance of the forest.. You can review the address of the lake as a forester, but if you don't do that, there are five dilemmas ahead, almost none of which are misleading, and they are a sub-branch.. Until the last crossroads you have to be careful to turn right(The left path is the Nowshahr route).

The land route from Weisser to Lake is 15 km. At the end of the crossroads, there is a short steep ramp with a steep slope, which is a bit difficult to get back, and the only way to get back is to get up at high speed so that the car can come up..

Another challenge is that the lake is far from the road and not a sign, and you may cross it and not notice it.. The pause of a handful of cars during the holidays is a sign that the second sign is that after a landslide, the zigzag at 14 km should be stopped at the bottom, and perhaps the faint writing on the trees on the left side of the road will catch your eye.. A serious recommendation is to use the GPS file at the end of the report and drop it on your mobile phone to surf without worries.. If you also use Maps.me mobile software, you can easily navigate. Because the path is defined in it.

The only sign of the lake on the side of the road

The Challenge of Fall '98: The issue may be resolved now that you are reading this report. On the way from Nowshahr to Farakhin, two kilometers away from the lake, a big tree had fallen and the road was blocked, and some people had come from Nowshahr to come behind your tree by car and continue on foot.. However, along the route more from Nowshahr, you can reach the mentioned crossroads above and come down from the sharp rocky ramp, but of course riding can only return it.

In the fall of 1998, the tree closed the lake route from Nowshahr, two kilometers away.

Tips for traveling to Farakhin

There is antenna coverage in some places and there was almost no antenna by the lake.

The quality of the dirt road is normal. I mean, it's not good, it's not too bad. There are some bumps that need to be handled with caution. Because the path passes by deep forest valleys.

15 km of rocky dirt road in the forest to reach the lake from Weisser

Access to water:
When you walk towards the lake on the right, you will hear the sound of running water coming out of the ground at a point where it is usually the lake water that comes out of the holes in the ground.. This clear water can be used for tea and cooking. I don't know about its microbial contamination, and it's best to boil it in an emergency and then drink it.. On the way to the spring, there are suitable places for camping with flat ground. There is water on the side of the road and close to the car, and the ground is smooth.

Like everywhere else, don't forget to take the rubbish with you. Even more garbage. Know that you are in the heart of the Hyrcanian forests and the ecosystem is very sensitive. Know that if it weren't for the dirt road, it would be very difficult to get here. So let's take care of it.

To get acquainted with the route of Lake Farkhin, gps file in wikiloc Placed.

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  1. علی says:

    My servant and I went to the village of Wissar on April 3, 1401 to see Lake Farakhin, but unfortunately we were faced with a chained path..
    The guard of the route announced that the route of the lake will be until April 4th (The guard of the route announced that the route of the lake will be until April 4th) The guard of the route announced that the route of the lake will be until April 4th!!!
    This is another case of interesting policies in Iran that use the tourism industry in reverse and instead of using tourist attractions to earn money and improve the facilities of the region, deprive themselves of its benefits..
    The most interesting thing in this area is that there are people who are waiting to take you to the lake from various routes for a huge fee..

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you. The most interesting thing in this area is that there are people who are waiting to take you to the lake from various routes for a huge fee..
      The most interesting thing in this area is that there are people who are waiting to take you to the lake from various routes for a huge fee.. It is only a pity that there is no accountability authority. It is only a pity that there is no accountability authority.

  2. Atefe Babaei says:

    Your explanations were very professional and complete and show your high accuracy. Thank you very much for your time.
    I am planning to travel to this lake next week, can you advise how far I can go by riding?

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you, you have love.
      You can go near the lake by car. It is about 100 meters from the lake where you have to park the car and walk. Note carefully that it is not visible from the lake road and be careful not to miss it. On a very small tree, someone wrote a lake!

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