Rvstagrdy and road tours in Maku(West Azerbaijan)

Maku city and its streets and buildings on the one hand, villages and countryside around the hasp on the other side talk and many attractions are in place. Rural Tourism is an opportunity to identify local community and ecotourism. Limited opportunities focused on all your senses to absorb from the environment to the maximum benefit from this surf break.

The first episode: Where's the pork?!

Round the village with “Pig” Started. Pork is the bypass road round the city. Tee round about 2 km to the R% D. This has paved the way to the village.

Playground in pigs

Playground in pigs

Nature pig plain and Zngmar the north with a twist accelerated towards the Aras crawls. In midsummer, the heat is plain round to show us that the beautiful words, "Mr. Sohrab" owner of Eco-tourism houses pigs, warmth and lovely guests. The name of the village is a little strange, perhaps less in the name of our investments. برخی ها دلیل این نام گذاری را به پرورش خوک در زمان حضور ارامنه نسبت می دهند، بعضی دیگر علت را تغییرات نحوه گفتار کلمه ی خاچ(cross sign) Over time, you know. Pork almost 1,000 meters above sea level and has a lot of melons, sunflower member is fixed. Pork nature is such that it can be hours of hiking and biking organized here.

Haji stork in the village pigs

Tddshan here with their good conduct.

Sunflower fields in pigs. Early August is not yet ready product.

The good news is that little pig Bvmgrdy their way here to open in the near future will be a pig village tourism jobs. Makvgram team's efforts in promoting the culture is laudable.

17 pigs last hours of a sultry air we breathe. The machine that walks you up, take your head up and see that adorn the village of Haji stork. Stork chicks and their parents are so spectacular that you do not need to go somewhere, staring at their biggest charm is its.

Little sunshine, but the evening breeze brought the conflict that was desperately needed. Mr. Steel villagers, with the patience of a new mosque in the old building was built explains. Two interesting that the old building remain in place and we are happy to show them how much better was if the old building was refurbished. Mr. Steel of large land belonging to Sheikh old village, and since he had no heir, now the school and village children told me. Just a few steps and talk with them like old friends we had enough.

Mr. Sohrabi paved courtyard and tea stalls charcoal in a corner of the way, but time is short.. With the help of Mr. Sohrabi path rural old mansion that belonged to Khan we found. Slightly down from the school and the Balkans back into our yard course with permission. Here are the new owners and it looks very interesting two-storey building. Attila and to our friends in the courtyard of the mansion's oak tree and an apple how they might destroy us. Weather gradually gets dark and we still roam the streets of the village are here top of each pole of attraction there; nest stork that if the identity of the region, watching storks time we forget.

Episode II: Maku, Nagorno-Khach, Castle Juq and Tikmedash

Pork Mako 35 km away and so is this spectacular route along the way does not make sense. Kak Mohammed on the car and we had come to the door, six-cylinder. Taxi wanted and what was flattered gift. Kak Muhammad everywhere and nowhere in the palm of my hand knows that she is gone. Car that suits both dirt roads and bumpy. Sunflower rejected and a little later we're in the middle of Maku. Mohammad setup tea leaves in the car and the% D. Nagorno-Khach road Baron dam is located in the midst of the summer heat here is quite cool and even cold at night.

City View Road Nagorno-Khach

Maku has good prospects of Nagorno Khachchshm.

Maku has good prospects of Nagorno Khach.

Maku at an altitude of 1300 meters and is approximately 1700 meters Nagorno Clubs. Here is an interesting view of the city. Of Nagorno-Khach crossed the road to the fountain filled with water on the left side is clear climb. Here altimeter shows 2000 meters and the air around noon that does not exceed 25 ° C.. To offer Kok Muhammad after coming down the road instead of moving towards the Maku “Tikmedash” Are going.

Tikmedash before entering the road, the remains of the old mansion in the castle's attention Juq.

There is a dirt road and steep upward. Here the climate is dry and mountainous landscapes devoid of plant and recent droughts nothing but gave us no. Later we were Tikmedash,

The village of Tikmedash


Farm harvested…

Pattern formed by collecting straw was always my favorite.

Tikmedash Village is a must-see in spring.

Some of our friends were in another car and Mykhvastd to Chamanlu 10 km to go higher. It was noon and the sun was low pleasure route. We decided to go down and go to the river valley Zngmar. I am always excited by the river. Zngmar and the lush valley that is extremely Kyfvrman.

Zgmar or promise Zanzibar River valley near the castle Juq

Some farms have not yet reap the golden clusters dance in the breeze.

Is Zngmar

Nature around Zngmar

Beautiful waterfall in suicide dirt road next to Zngmar.

Kak Mohammad waterfall nearby castle on the track is known Juq. Dirt road along the river to go to the end and after three passes across the river, waterfall, now faltering show off this summer. Mohammed said that now filled with stones in the middle is old and does not like the old pond.

Not so pressed for time that slept in the shade. I will do that innate sense of your clothes and dive Go D: But not when.

Episode III: Garden Juq, trench, Danalu, Rand. Traffic around Mako

Maku go out and get a bit of a way Juq Garden Village is about sticking to our Maku. Commander's Palace is closed for some time due to repair, memories of the last visit in the spring I was here a few years ago when I went into the garden, small acacia tree was Mdhvshman. In short, a very beautiful building and pity those who have come to see him this year, benefiting.

The top door is set into the garden. Poly summer, our short shadows indicate perpendicular to the sun is shining. We sat and drank tea in the shade, but charcoal and enjoy the cool of the day. Garden Juq of Maku almost 150 meters high.. And everywhere backyard garden boom. Garden Juq of the trench is no way. Trench for a famous rock Shirin and Farhad, known. Of course the rooms on this side platens. Shirin and Farhad platens way and gets into the trenches did not Mjzas. He was Trjyhman first go to the barricades. Aqa Reza front of the store, there is a bench in the shade and nothing Now is not that better than our 10-month boy who is sleeping here long to eat air. my lady. The river was muddy from yesterday's rain. The center stone is going in that direction and narrow path through a meadow little later on Bqabay castle that is basalt walls. Mr. R. few points that have been unearthed gives me. Rocky hill next to the short stone staircase to the room goes. A large hall with a height of about 3 meters, carefully trimmed and two rooms on the left side of the. Despite this set is like a puzzle.

Low water is muddy trenches of rain yesterday.

By Mr R.'re going to the platens

Sangar village

Stones arranged show of wall

Maku igneous rocks have an important role in architecture

Stone stairs

The platens, as I was writing this I was ugly and did not see the blur effect.

Input cellar

View Ararat in the dusty atmosphere of the cellar entrance

We're going back to the trenches and coordinated by Mr R. machine take to the barricades to Danalu and round we go. The village of Sangar a dirt road that is belt buckles.

In the direction of R% D.

Poplar near the ring flashing.

My favorite pattern

Ring in the East will continue. Qanbar race can be seen on the road to the dam martyr. The tragic sinking of one of the few days I've heard from several people, said his body was found after two weeks. A little hard to enter and claiming to not go to him. A little further from the village of Mohammad Abad-pass and low speed, we approached the Danalu.

Danalu is composed of large and small downloaded.

Ali Agha driver took us to a small Danalu. A sight that can be seen these days collect straw and fodder.

I was out of the wall in Danalu.

Igneous intrusions in the area of ​​construction is.

Danalu small village

Danalu side of the ring road round to continue.

And the magnificent nature this time of the dam Danalu

Danalu Cook Dam near Danalu

Rend REND is located next to the river and along the dirt road that went through the Danalu can be. In the mountain villages Qāyeh or rather in the direction of belt buckles, Rand all full of% D.

Rand promenade path. Read the dirt road connected to Danalu.

Rand river that passes along a certain purity to the data area.

Our round the track and the road to the “Pig” You go up with the sunset and spend the night in Chavgvn.

Episode IV: Caugun

Mr. Sohrab and Mhraly VA's efforts pigs and administers Chavgvn Mr. Pourali an afternoon excursion was organized in Chavgvn, walking the streets and then go to the small waterfall and a pleasant garden village was part of the program.

The path to the waterfall gardens Chavgvn

Shyq the%. Clouds dance. I can not describe the flavor of the era Chavgvn.

Dense Garden Village Chavgvn

Hiking with a collective population of pigs and Chavgvn and the Makvgram. It was extremely enjoyable.

The channel reaches more concrete waterfall.

Meadow cool breeze and the sound of water emotions attached image.

This is not a commentary on…

برای رسیدن به چاوگون بایستی عازم شوط شوید و پس از آن از جاده روستایی که از تیمورآباد و کندال می گذرد به چاوقون یا چاوگون می رسید. Near the waterfall height of 1700 meters and nearly 2 dozen. 7 km route in advance. The air felt cool. Chavgvn walnuts and apricots are good weather. Ceremony with a great meatball soup and the labor people Chavgvn ends.

Zr Pune nearby waterfall was intoxicating Chavgvn.

Zr Pune nearby waterfall was intoxicating Chavgvn.

Episode V: The shuttle to Rkhashan. The transition from Kjvt, Bashknd, Qzlblagh, Alujenni, Avajiq, Arab Dizaji, Qoli Dizaj, the hills, Shadlou.

Maku Vajq one of the access routes to the city and the countryside is Chalderan. Road from low hasp is low and should be increased Rkhashan to 2100 m elevation. Along the left side of the road after the spa pool there Bashknd. Later, one of the unique attractions of the geological character of the% D.

On the way to the countryside, the main road is paved but dusty and sometimes sub-categories for passenger traffic is difficult and must be handled with care. The black area. Sunny and SH boys with black tent nomads to close the fountain we walked and chatted. Cool air at this time of year very enjoyable.

Rvstagrdy routes around Maku already produce a large and very attractive for interested. Respect for the traditions of local communities and social norms in these areas should be a priority tourists. There is the possibility to refuel and prepare food in Avajiq.

The journey to travel writing contest "Makvgram" in Persian date Mordad 1397 which was held by the Gilgamesh and free area shuttle, was conducted and it was a great opportunity for us to once again touch with all the area's attractions.

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