Cloud village anymore so sweet Abad Ali Branch of the Royal(Semnan and Golestan)

I do not know where the story began, only I know that I was at the right time in the right place, in late October, the first month of autumn was the buzz and controversy that Tehran fucking ran and broke the heart of the Zrda and Narnjya, which this year a little earlier had changed color in the presence of sunlight and a breeze that was forced Drkhtarv Pretty Ones Should Dance ballet, Dell and Mykndn and women turned the wheel to reach union with Zfrvn mountain flowers that fall into more than Bahar love.

Experience crossing the Alborz cloud of origin village anymore to sweet-e Ali Abad Branch short days in autumn He is a very unforgettable. دلم می خواست برم و برم که از خستگی له بشم، برای اینکه لمس کنی باید بری جایی که کسی نباشه تکیه بدی به اون درخت بزرگه و باد برگ ریزونت کنه اونوقته که میفهمی پادشاه فصل ها پاییز یعنی چی وگرنه وسط شهرکه چیزی بجز شلوغی و آلودگی and not night…


Are yellow fall…

Cloud to reach the village must go anymore and then by road to the village get their Bastam Accommodation in rural homes and even religious site also provides the village is. ابر که بی ابرترین روز خودشو در زمان بازدید ما تجربه میکرد در ارتفاع کمی بیشتر از ۱۷۰۰ متر واقع شده است، برای رسیدن به شیرین آباد دو راه وجود دارد یکی جاده خاکی که تقریبا همه نوع خودرویی در آن تردد می کند و مسیر کوتاه تری هم and the second is the way you will pass through the trees in the forest and valley and is known as the king's road or the Reza Shah, who is very beautiful.


Cloud Village


Cloud Road- Sweet Abad


Iron tower in the middle of Zrda and Narnjya


Color Storm


Fall in love is Bharyst

ابتدای مسیر که افزایش ارتفاع ۴۰۰ متری دارد را با ماشین طی کردیم مسافتی حدود ۱۲ کیلومتر در جاده خاکی که مارو به ابتدای مسیر پیمایش رسوند، مسیر آبشار شرشر هم در همین راه است که به دلیل کمبود زمان نتوانستیم بازدیدش کنیم باشد برای سفری دگر

هوس دیدن چشم اندازی که درباره اش شنیده بودیم و بی اطلاعی از مکان شروع مسیر رضا شاهی باعث شد که پیمایش ما از جایی شروع شود که شیب زیادی داشت و مسیر نسبتا سختی بود اما با رسیدن به مسیر اصلی تقریبا تمام راه مشخص بود بجز اواخر مسیر that it is better navigate the river.


Anywhere, do anything for his remark, exceptionally beautiful and unique…


I have the time, do not watch him sit pork, lamb to end, the end of everything…


Hold a tangerine-filled, camp under the tree magic touch to open the waste…


Viewing from afar, or go to the heart of the jungle? The problem is…

Sweet Abad village at an altitude of about 900 Mtraz sea level and will experience all the negative slope.


Many of the broad side and it was clear path


Dalanhayy not forget that with the passing of time


Hawthorn Look, the language spoken with the man says


First Zfrvn autumn harvest season, mountain Zfrvn the same time they are flirting.


The leaves are yellow, the flowers fall, spring will be lost in the autumn when you''re…


Flowers mountain




A question, say Drkhth What color is this exactly?


Low clouds and fog, the more colors we understand


I am careful…

روزهای کوتاه پاییز و کمی دیر شروع کردن پیمایش و البته زیبایی های چشم نوازی که وقت زیادی برای عکاسی از گروه گرفت باعث شد انتهای مسیر را هدلامپ روشن حرکت کنیم که آن هم خالی از لطف نبود.

Notes in connection with the navigation route:
The path traveled by the last week of October and due to the fall height of this area is shown occurring tubs.

Height at the beginning and end of the navigation: 2100 m- 900 m.
By walking the entire route navigation: 10 km

If you're going to run this program, is better than local tips to find the starting point of the route the royal navigate and use, has caught many negative slope and not hell, although detours are pristine and beautiful. The GPS track files that we've over specified route using Google earth- Of course, not navigation- It has been found that can use.

Reduction for drinking fountains along the way that it did not confidence, but in some places there was water for washing.

در اواسط مسیر راه پاکوب مشخص و پهنی ممکن است شما را به اشتباه بی اندازد، توجه داشته باشین که در طول مسیر در حال کم کردن ارتفاع خواهید بود و مسیر های پاکوب سربالایی شما را به جاده خاکی ابر- Sweet Abad deliver.

routeIntroduction to GPS file path and the main path in Donate Placed. Descriptions provided in connection with hotspots will help you navigate the

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۲۳ Responses

  1. فرداد says:

    Well Saleh John
    In the hope of many trips with good friends

  2. علی says:

    بسیار عالی
    May be part of a trip,
    Thanks to the unique and perfect Zhmattvn
    Some questions:
    Ali Abad from the field anymore so easily go by car?

    What files do not report the Shirabad waterfalls to cascade seventh Showtime?

    • Afra group says:

      Hello, otherwise the cloud so sweet village frequented a dusty acute exactly I do not know who the passenger was normal or not. But we did not scroll all the way to the short trip to Shirabad. Only the third waterfall.

      • Afra group says:

        Hi, if you want to cross by car, as far as I know you have to go the route with two differentials. It is better to ask the locals again. We walked through the forest.

  3. علی says:

    GPS files
    I correct?

    • Saeed says:

      Is Sweet frequented destination Mnasbh a family vacation? To accommodate family or home address or telephone number for hotel reservations or…. It's nice of you? Thankful

      • Afra group says:

        Peace be upon you, yes sweet Abad village in the heart of the forest Hyrkanyh Bsyarzybayy. Syahrvdbar nearby village of Abad to stay fresh, the residence of Mr. Farhad Masoudi in the field of environmental activists are yew forest conservation experience.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Bsyaaaaaaaaar beautiful and pleasant

    It was a great descriptions

    I have time to sit Lamb's own mark, go to end, the end of everything ...

    Hold a full mandarin under the tree, the waste open to magic touch Camp ...


  5. Anonymous says:

    I suggest you do a three-day trip to the region Kalpoosh have anymore time, in addition to the seasonal nature and enjoy the region's forests, caves are very beautiful, exciting and timeless village also visit Namnyk…. I promise to navigate the caves at the time of the trip will be a unique experience for you scored

  6. Hope says:

    یکی از مسیرهای زیبا رفتن از شهرستان رامیان و بعد گذشتن از روستای پاقلعه و منطقه تفریحی سرگل که این مسیر در نهایت به علی اباد میرسه به دوستان پیشنهاد میکنم حتما برن چون این مسیر واقعا فوق العاده بود و بی نهایت توصیف نکردنی

  7. Amir says:

    Hi, I have a question . Gorgan to clear the village and when is the best and most beautiful way? From the side or from the Ali Abad and sweet Abad anymore?
    I will be grateful for help .

    • Afra group says:

      Peace be upon you
      I think your answer through my telegram
      Open to the rest of the bunch here writing.

      مسیر ابر به شیرین آباد بسیار زیباس و فکر میکنم از طریق جاده خاکی با ماشین متناسب هم بشه رفت ولی توصیه من پیاده روی است.
      If you intend to travel by car is
      Tvskstan the road was more like that of passenger cars went well as long as weather conditions, especially in the winter because he passes his Czech

  8. علی says:

    Persian date Shahrivar 98 semi-sweet cloud to build up the village, about 18 km walk for 8 hours in a 14-member team from the University of We. Of course, the road is almost certain and does not need help

  9. Mohammed Jawad says:

    Is it possible to travel this route by bicycle?

  10. Parvin Daneshmandi says:

    Hello and good day
    For this year, I want to go to Shirinabad with my wife, God willing.
    Do you bother to send a message to one of my loved ones who is doing the survey or leave their profile address? Let me ask my questions..

  11. Alireza says:

    What is the route of Shirinabad village from the cloud forest?
    We want to go from Shahroud to Abar village first, then from Abar village forest path to Shirinabad village and from Shirinabad to Zarrin Gol
    My question is, what is the route from Abar village to Shirinabad village?

    • Afra group says:

      Hi, if you want to cross by car, as far as I know you have to go the route with two differentials. It is better to ask the locals again. We walked through the forest.

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