Sultan pool and caravansaries of date(Aliabad, Qom)

One of the busy roads of Iran, Tehran-- Qom is through the desert, the two cities together makes. But through this wilderness In the old days it was not relief. وجود کاروانسراها برای کاروان هایی که با زمان بندی خاص و با مهارت زیاد پا به کوره راه های بیابان می گذاشته اند و تمام سختی های مسیر را به جان می خریدند بسیار حیاتی بوده است.

کاروانسرای علی آباد و کاروانسرای سنگی از نمونه های به جا مانده از تاریخ تردد در جاده های ایران است که متاسفانه با بی اعتنایی شدید تصرف و نادیده گرفته شده است. Such attractions in Salt Lake dock king perhaps that could be a destination for tourists on the highway communication.

Stone caravanserai of the Seljuk period

Tehran-Qom highway in the middle of where the highway and the old road intersection with the level of Ali Abad district in Qom province that borders all the locations listed are located in the same place. Autumn day chose to see this area. From Tehran to Qom to move into Aliabad highway to the old road will guide you. After entering the old road bypass should be moved slightly to Tehran. abad

Tehran-Qom old road, crossing important transit country

Khan Qajar Ali Abad landscape along the way, there is a restaurant. The inn wounded from the wall and into the heritage is something else. Unfortunately seized this historic opportunity and not leave to visit. abad

Exterior Gateway Inn Aliabad unfortunately ignored all the capture and destruction. abad

Facing the courtyard inn Aliabad and chaotic situation that abad

Alas, the only word that comes to language… abad

Parts of the collection Aliabad abad

Orchards near the inn Aliabad abad

Orchards near the inn Aliabad

The inn after inn degradation in the downstream after the flood, was built in this location. The inn rocky dirt road with a length of 2 km in the near Ali Abad before we. This house belongs to the Seljuk era is built entirely of stone. Seljuk desire that was once a remote desert convoys guide featured.

Mail Seljuk

Mail Seljuk abad

A view of the majestic walls of stone inn abad

Near the inn a stone abad

Stone Inn Aliabad abad

Mail Seljuk and inn in a frame abad

No Description abad

A view of a stone wall Inn abad

Inside the stone inn abad

Unfortunately, parts of the house to be used as a sheepfold

Sultan is next to the Salt Lake dock. The lake with approximate dimensions of 10 large diameter and small diameter of 6 km at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level in the southern village of spring is saline.. As you go towards the center of the lake salinity increases. There is vegetation around the lake that gradually fades before. Must be returned to the old road into the center, where the oil was salty springs under the freeway bridge crossing 5 km tarmac road salt springs forward. abad

The road connecting the highway to saline springs abad

No Description abad

Vegetation around the pond Sultan abad

Vegetation around the pond Sultan abad

Vegetation around the pond Sultan abad

Gyaه asnan

There are various routes to get to the lake. One of these routes goes from salty springs along a dirt road in the direction of Qom pipeline. From where the car had parked near the lake and the lake during the rest of the way on foot to the Loose area. To go in the path of local and geographical information used to get in trouble. abad

Footprints in the clay ground around the dock King, if you come to another planet abad

Spectacular lake is flat ground abad

Polygon phenomenon(Polygon) Salt Lake dock Sultan

در هنگام بارندگی و زمانی که خاک اطراف دریاچه خیس است، زمین شبیه آیینه ایست که انعکاس زیبایی دارد، سرابی که گمان وجود آب در نزدیکی را در ذهن به وجود می آورد، اما برای رسیدن به آب در حوض سلطان می بایست مسیر زیادی را در within the scope of the lakes, although it totally depends on the season and rainfall.

زمین های اطراف دریاچه نمک حوض سلطان می توانند کاملا باتلاقی باشند که حتما توصیه می شود با احتیاط کامل و در قالب گروه های چند نفره به دیدن این مکان مرموز و زیبا بروید.

To learn more about Karvnsraha position and an access route gps file at sultan pool wikiloc Placed.

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