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Step on the stilts to the lakes of Tar and Hoyer(Tehran)

This writing is about the mood of a summer day in Alborz mountain, next to one of its important and beautiful attractions, lakes at an altitude of 3000 meters, we went by bike to reach these beautiful destinations and it doubled the pleasure of the trip.. It was 9 o'clock in the morning of July 1400 in Hoyer village(Havir) We were looking for a suitable parking place when we happened to see our beloved fellow passenger in the village....


Step on the pedal to Karshahi Fortress(Matin Abad, Isfahan Province)

We always have a slogan that says the destination is an excuse, the departure is the arrival. A trip to Karshahi Castle and cycling from Matin Abad to Karshahi Castle was actually a trip to touch the whole route and enjoy cycling in the plains, and at the end to complete the trip by seeing Karshahi Castle. A beautiful fortress that has been severely damaged by the collapse of one of its towers these days, which I hope will be repaired as soon as possible..

Desert Maranjab 6

Foot on the pedal to the desert Maranjab(Aran Bidgol, Isfahan)

A touch of nature, must be implemented … Walks and feel.…

با اینکه می دانیم در این تاریخ ارتش قصد برگزاری مانور در منطقه دارد ولی تصمیم گرفتیم که برای رفتن به کویر مرنجاب با دوچرخه رکاب بزنیم و از طبیعت لذت بیشتری ببریم. Weeks before the New Year holiday mood reigns everywhere and is the source of our trip Aran Bidgol three bikes with private vehicle from Tehran to bring it. Thanks to a friend of Arran, to a dirt road in the desert by car and car to deposit her friend goodbye…Now we've been and 45km dirt road to the inn…